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Jerry Jones is “Really Proud to Have” Cowboys Coaching Staff

Jerry Jones is “Really Proud to Have” Cowboys Coaching Staff

The Dallas Cowboys coaching staff has been making some questionable game decisions lately and fans are demanding for changes to me made.

After the 37-9 blowout by Philadelphia on Sunday night, fans everywhere are after Jason Garrett’s head. 

The Eagles scored 30 unanswered second-half points against the Cowboys and the coaching staff literally had no answer to it. By the fourth quarter it was blatantly obvious that there would be no crucial adjustments made on the field to at least salvage what little encouragement the players had left.

During his weekly appearance on the Shan and RJ show on 105.3 The Fan, Jerry Jones made it very clear that he supports the coaching staff despite of the fan backlash. 

“I’ve seen these coaches to a man make some outstanding adjustments in their time with the Cowboys, so I know that they adjust,” said Jones.

“They might not adjust at the right time in a series, they might not adjust at the right time in a ballgame, and obviously they can lose ballgames. But this is a really outstanding coaching staff and I’m really proud to have them.” 

It is also worth noting that Jerry Jones sparked the conversation to mention his support of Garrett and the rest of the staff. It’s interesting to see Jones take the initiative of defending his staff and it certainly speaks waves about the future of this team. 

But it’s going to take a lot more than Jerry Jones’ praise for fans to place their faith back in Garrett. His poor decisions have become somewhat of a pattern that the Cowboys cannot afford while still potentially making a run at playoffs. One of those decisions is failure to prioritize Dak Prescott’s health— something Garrett failed to do after making the conscious decision to leave Chaz Green on the field against Atlanta longer than he should have. 

If history has taught us anything about this team it’s to get ahead while you can. The Cowboy’s haven’t been a second half team for a very long time now, and if Jason Garrett hasn’t caught on to this by now then there is most definitely a bigger problem to address. This staff needs to get after these issues as quickly as possible with solutions that are going to increase the chances of winning a game. 

The Cowboys have a quick turn around this Thanksgiving week and will be hosting the Chargers for some turkey-filled action. One thing is certain, the Cowboys must win this game if they plan to stay alive in the playoff hunt. The coaching staff will be in the spotlight this Thursday and you can bet on fans having their pitchforks ready to go. 

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