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Joey Gallo sweeps the competition 4-0 to represent the Rangers in “MLB: the Show” Players League

Joey Gallo sweeps the competition 4-0 to represent the Rangers in “MLB: the Show” Players League

Friday began Major League Baseball’s quest to entertain the fanbases with video games played by its stars. Each team had a representative in a three-inning game of MLB: The Show. It’s a round-robin tournament where each player faces a familiar foe. The Rangers’ representative was their slugger, Joey Gallo. The franchise’s new face had a fantastic night cruising through the competition. Here’s a small breakdown of Joey Gallo’s night.

Game 1 – Rangers (Joey Gallo) at Twins (Trevor May)

It was a difficult task for Joey and Trevor dealing with the bright batters eye.  Joey struck first in the second with a two-run home run from Todd Fraizer. May threatened with two hits, but a gundown at third base squandered any threat. Gallo added two more runs in the third inning on some questionable and difficult defense. Joey brought Jose LeClerc out to finish the game and retired the Twins to end the game. The one question, why did both guys have grey jerseys?

“It’s the ugliest game of baseball I’ve ever seen. Fans are booing.” Gallo said laughing during the top of the third inning.

Game 2 – Rangers (Joey Gallo) at Astros (Lance McCullers Jr.)

The game started with some interesting relay throws by McCullers’ Astros. I can attest from playing that defense and baserunning is a difficult task in The Show. Gallo got a run in the first on a sacrifice fly. McCullers answered with two runs, one thanks to a Yordan Alvarez solo home run. Joey tied it with a solo home run in the second by former Houston Astro catcher, Robinson Chirinos. Lance countered by sending the runner on a dropped third strike which gave the Astros the lead back and added another run to take a 4-2 advantage. McCullers brought in Ryan Pressley, and the Rangers made things interesting in the third. Three straight hits crawled Gallo back into a one-run game. Following a Gallo fly out, Willie Calhoun smoked a three-run home run to regain the lead for the Rangers, 6-4.  Gallo than added another three with a Rougie three-run shot which capped a seven run third inning.

Check out the ridiculous baserunning in that game.

Game 3 – Rangers (Joey Gallo) at Rays (Blake Snell)

Joey and Blake’s game was nationally broadcast on MLB Network’s Twitch page where baseball fans got to watch this onslaught. Joey started the game by hitting a three-home run with himself. Than followed with a two-run home run as Todd Fraizer. Blake Snell did not get out of the first inning. Joey started with a 5-0 lead in the first. In the second inning, Chirinos and Odor went back-to-back with home runs and Gallo’s lead extended to 9-0. Snell cut the lead with a couple of runs, but the deficit was too much to overcome for Blake. Joey added more with back-to-back solo jacks (Santana and himself again).

“I’ve never been beat this bad in this game.” Blake Snell said.

Game 4 -Reds (Amir Garrett) at Rangers (Joey Gallo)

Gallo kept a leadoff single in tact in the top of the first and then Joey homered as himself, again, in the bottom of the first to take a 2-0 lead. Amir threatened in the second with a couple of baserunners, but a double play ended that threat. Joey added another four in the second to extend the cushion to 6-0. Joey finished the night with Jose LeClerc mowing down the Reds.

Joey’s perfect 4-0 day stands for the next few days (outscored oppositions 30-6). The schedule only goes as far as Monday, but it looks like the next set of games for Joey will be Tuesday on his Twitch.  MLB Network also does interviews with players along the time. It’s a fun experience watching players interact with each other and talking smack (or be humble). You can follow Joey’s next The Show streams at Here’s a list of the standings and schedule.

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