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Mailbag: Are you in favor of a short-term or long-term deal for Prescott?

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Mailbag: Are you in favor of a short-term or long-term deal for Prescott?

Should the Dallas Cowboys be in favor of a shorter or longer-term deal for Dak Prescott? 

Mason: To me they should be in favor of a longer-term deal. If you sign Dak to a short two to three-year deal you would be risking having to pay him even more money for a second contract as the market would be much higher with guys like Patrick Mahomes, Deshaun Watson, and Lamar Jackson likely to have major new contracts in the next two to three years. This of course assuming the Cowboys would want to give Dak a second deal. While giving him a longer-term deal means you’ll have to pay him more money now, it should be beneficial in the future as it will not seem nearly as much with the bigger contracts coming.

Juwan: From the organization’s point of view it would benefit the Cowboys more if a longer-term deal is agreed upon. Though many of us have questions surrounding if Dak is the long-term solution, Dallas appears to be more than confident in Dak’s ability to lead their team. In addition, a longer-term deal allows the team to spread his money over the life of the deal instead of it eating their cap up in a shorter time span. Personally, I would like both sides to agree on a shorter deal, but the team’s best interests sides with getting Prescott signed long term.

Is it fan emotion or logic behind wanting to bring Dez Bryant back in 2020?

Mason: It is more emotion than logic, but bringing Dez back is not necessarily illogical. If he is brought back it would not be for a lot of money and he would not be commanding a huge role in the offense, just being a complimentary piece to the WR core now. Obviously, with him not playing for so long and coming off of a bad injury, there are concerns but potentially having him back and able to make some of the plays he used to while having a reduced role is really a low risk high but reward deal. Although we all may love it if Dez returned and it having a positive impact on the offense, it should not be a top priority for the Cowboys at all right now. Keep it as an option in the back of their mind and deal with the much more important needs of the team first.

Juwan: I say it’s an 80-20 split in favor of fan emotion. Remove the name and the history Dez Bryant has with Dallas and you have left a 30-year-old receiver coming off an ACL injury who’s athleticism has diminished. Football logic shows there is more evidence to draft, or simply go younger via free agency, than to resign Bryant. I leave the 20 percent for the fact Bryant would provide a traditional X receiver for Dallas, which could allow Amari Cooper to spend more time in the slot. However, as stated, why wouldn’t you just find that in the draft?

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