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Mailbag: Does Prescott have full leverage over the Cowboys?

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Mailbag: Does Prescott have full leverage over the Cowboys?

With Dak Prescott choosing to sit out of the virtual offseason program until a long-term deal is agreed upon, who do you think has more leverage? The Cowboys or Prescott?

Mason: I think right now Dak has more leverage. We know just how badly the Cowboys want to bring him back long-term, especially after the career season he just had, but he will not bite until he feels the money is right. Considering who they have as quarterback behind him is another big reason why I think Dak has leverage. Pending what they could get in the draft, without Prescott at QB this offense would take a major step down having to start Cooper Rush, who has not impressed in the preseason games we have seen him in. Now with Dak finally holding out of off-season activities, he is putting the Cowboys in a spot where they are either going to have to pay him what is needed or begin looking for a backup plan.

Griffin: I think the leverage remains unchanged and Prescott keeps the power. If the quarterback continues to threaten to sit out and even says he will miss a regular-season game, who do the Cowboys have? Right now backup Cooper Rush would be taking first-team snaps which are not something that inspires hope to the rest of the roster. While I do think Prescott and the Cowboys will find a way to get a deal done as soon as possible, Prescott continues to have the leverage over ownership.

Is there any position you would be surprised the Cowboys take in the 1st round? (Outside of kicker of course)

Mason: Contrary to what was needed at the start of the off-season, I would be surprised if the Cowboys took a safety in the first round. The signing of Ha Ha Clinton-Dix was a very huge deal because it brings in a quality starter and drops the safety position down on the list of needs for the Cowboys. That is not to say that I would not take safety at all in this draft, the Clinton-Dix deal is only for one year so they would be wise to draft one to potentially take over if he does not come back after the season. That first-round pick should be used on a bigger position of need like a cornerback.

Griffin: Ever since Travis Fredricks retired, the offensive line has lightly been talked about in the first round, but spending another first-round pick on a lineman would surprise me. There are too many issues on the defensive side of the ball to not address either the secondary or somewhere on the defensive line.

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