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Mailbag: How much would you give up for Jamal Adams?

Mailbag: How much would you give up for Jamal Adams?

How much are you willing to give up for Jamal Adams? Does the draft board have to be depleted first before you consider it?

Mason: For a player like Jamal Adams, obviously most times you would be alright with whatever it took to get him. In the Cowboys case, however, I would only be fine with a certain amount given for him. With the number of big contracts Dallas has right now, it is not very wise to trade for yet another player that will command a huge payday, but then again it is for one of the best safeties in the NFL. The most I would feel comfortable with the Cowboys trading is a first and second-round pick, and even that is steep. However, it is a price I would not freak out over if it brought in Jamal Adams.

Griffin: Trading for Jamal Adams is not something the Cowboys should seriously consider at the moment. There is no doubt he would improve the team and help towards the goal of winning the franchise’s sixth Super Bowl. However, I think putting it off another year and waiting for him to become a free agent would be the smarter move. If the Cowboys can execute a trade, another contract negotiation would be at their feet, while also dealing with Dak Prescott and his demands. Focus on your franchise quarterback this season, then, get Adams via free agency while keeping your draft picks.

Who would have to fall in the draft for you to consider trading up?

Mason: Honestly, there are not many players I would consider trading up for if they started falling. I would only consider trading up if somehow one of the top 10 players started slipping like WR CeeDee Lamb, which is a position the Cowboys need. Otherwise, I think they would be better suited to just keep their pick at 17.

Griffin: If for whatever reason Jeffery Okudah out of Ohio State starts to fall outside of the top 10, the Cowboys should go and get him. At the moment, he is considered to be the third overall pick to the Detroit Lions. Nobody knows what is going on with the Miami Dolphins or Los Angeles Chargers and their stance on trading up for a quarterback. Depending on what those two teams do, it could cause the top 10 of the draft to look entirely different than it does at the moment. Okudah is a lockdown corner expected to make an impact right away in the league. Dallas needs his exact position more than anything in this year’s draft, making it worthy of trading a bunch of picks to go up and get him.

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