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Mailbag: Interest in Brady; acquiring Jamal Adams?

Mailbag: Interest in Brady; acquiring Jamal Adams?

If the number to get Dak Prescott signed sits in the $35-$40 million range would you instead be interested in looking into the services of a veteran like Drew Brees or Tom Brady?

Mason: The Dak Prescott contract questions have been the hardest questions for me to give a definitive answer to. On one hand, after the season he just had I wouldn’t be upset if he were to be re-signed. On the other hand, I don’t know if I have seen enough out of him to where I would be cool with him making $35-$40 million. With that said I think I would rather have Prescott as this team’s QB than a Drew Brees or Tom Brady. Both Brees and Brady showed me at the end of their seasons that age is catching up with them. At this point in their great careers, I would keep the QB that had a better season than the both of them and still has the upside to get better, even if that means paying him a big amount.

Juwan: It’s not smart team building to lose a 27-year-old Pro Bowl-caliber quarterback in favor of an aging veteran QB. I do think this would be the best supporting cast Tom Brady has had around him in quite some time. And, outside of that freak injury, Drew Brees hasn’t shown any concerning signs of slowing down. I honestly wouldn’t hate that type of “win now” mentality. But you have to ask does the chances of winning a Super Bowl in 2021 greatly outweigh Dallas reducing their Super Bowl window by 4-5 years? Paying Dak his asking price may, in turn, be the smarter decision, though my interest in that kind of move at QB is high.

Should the Cowboys revisit the Jamal Adams trade?

Mason: I would without a doubt revisit the trade if I were the Cowboys. They looked to be on the verge of completing a deal for him before the trade deadline which would have gotten Adams for a first-round pick and two second-round picks, but the Jets didn’t budge. Now I don’t know how much more they would need, but I would hope the Cowboys did everything possible to pull it off without significantly hindering the team. With Safety being one of the Cowboys’ biggest needs going into the off-season, managing to trade for arguably the best Safety in the league right now would be more than ideal.

Juwan: No. Simply because Jamal Adams is eligible to begin contract negotiations this year. And at some point, these big contracts will begin to affect the salary cap in a negative way. I liked the possibility last year as we thought this team was a few pieces from Super Bowl contention. But coming off an 8-8 season with more than 20 free agents set to hit the market it would be bad business to attempt to add another expensive piece. Especially, when you’re in a position to acquire a top-two safety/defensive tackle in the draft on a cheap deal for the next 4-5 years.

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