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Mailbag: Signing Amari to a mega-contract a good deal?

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Mailbag: Signing Amari to a mega-contract a good deal?

Now that the panic of possibly losing Amari Cooper is over, how do you feel about the Amari Cooper contract?  

Mason: As we thought, Amari got a huge well deserved deal. I know some look at the amount of $100m as too much but when this deal does not even technically make him the highest-paid in the league and the cap will increase in the next couple of years makes this an easy decision for a player who had a major hand in turning this offense around. It also makes it so much sweeter that he reportedly turned down a lot more money from the Redskins to stay in Dallas. He has said all along that he wanted to stay with the Cowboys, that was tested and proven true.

Juwan: As with most of these deals, the team knows what is contractually best for the future. I can’t say I’m not surprised about the $20 million/year price, but it’s done. You couldn’t afford, for lack of a better word, to lose your star receiver to another team with your Super Bowl window still cracked open. I have no reservations about the deal until I see it hinder their ability to put a competitive football team together moving forward.

Everyone assumed Byron Jones was the odd man out of the Cowboys’ offseason plans, but now that he is officially gone how do they go about finding his replacement?

Mason: If they were to address his replacement in free agency, I would look to make a run at Chris Harris Jr. He was a staple in the Broncos defense for a long time and would bring veteran leadership to a cornerback core that could really use it. If they choose to draft instead, I would use a pick on a corner in the third or fourth round as I still believe that addressing defensive line and safety is a much bigger priority.

Juwan: Both. I know a few reports have tied corner, Chris Harris Jr., to this team and that sounds good if it’s on the cheaper side. There is no “replacing” a corner that just signed the wealthiest deal for a cornerback in league history if you’re not willing to pay a similar fee. So I’m not looking for a lockdown corner in free agency, but a veteran that can add depth. Same with the draft. It’s nice to have a premium talent on one side of the field, but I can still be comfortable with a nice collection of defensive back depth as well.

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