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Mailbag: Smart to not sign big name corner? Expectations for Gerald McCoy?

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Mailbag: Smart to not sign big name corner? Expectations for Gerald McCoy?

With such a big void left by Byron Jones, how do you feel about the Cowboys deciding to hold off on signing an attractive name to replace him (Trufant, Slay, Harris Jr.)?

Griffin: Leaving a hole in the secondary at the moment is a scary move for the Cowboys. Even with Byron Jones playing, the position group was still a concern for Dallas. Now, without one of the best corners in the league not on the roster, things could go south quickly. I expect a replacement to come via the NFL Draft this spring, but signing another player from free agency would ease the nerves until then.

Mason: I’m not upset about them holding off. I did really want them to bring in Chris Harris but everyone else that has been picked up, like Slay, I am cool with them not making a run at because of the price they would have had to pay. There are still options in free agency they could look at like Logan Ryan or a less intriguing option in Xavier Rhodes, but I would not be surprised if they opted to just address it through the draft.

What are realistic expectations to have for recently-acquired defensive tackle Gerald McCoy?

Griffin: Expectations are high for McCoy, especially after losing Robert Quinn in free agency. Throughout his career, McCoy has gotten to the quarterback, recording five or more sacks in each of the past eight seasons. He is going to need to have a huge role in the defense in 2020, as DeMarcus Lawrence is not going to be able to do it all by himself. If he can produce the five or more sacks he has consistently done the past few seasons, it will be a win for Mike Tolan.

Mason: This is a signing I am very happy about. Gerald McCoy has been regarded as one of the best players at his position during his time in Tampa Bay, and while he may not be as great as years past he still is capable of holding down the DT spot for a team that desperately needs one like the Cowboys. That combined with a nice contract that pays him just about $6m per year is something I will take all day. Dare I say this could be the equivalent of the Robert Quinn signing last season and I believe he could be a reliable piece to this line being able to play inside and outside.

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