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Mailbag: Too soon to judge Amari Cooper trade?

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Mailbag: Too soon to judge Amari Cooper trade?

Is it too soon to say the Dallas Cowboys won the trade with the Oakland Raiders for Amari Cooper? 

Mason: It would not be fair to the Raiders to say they for sure lost the deal after losing Johnathan Abram to injury last season who they picked with the Cowboys’ first-round pick. However, if I had to pick a winner of the deal right now I would easily say the Cowboys. The Cowboys’ offense had a complete turnaround when they traded for Cooper, going from a committee at WR in 2018 to statistically the best offense in the league in 2019. He really emerged as a number one receiver that Dak Prescott can turn to. That to me is definitely enough for the first-round pick but only if they can get the long-term deal done with him, which I believe will happen.

Juwan: Yes. Regardless of how that draft selection turned at you still would have had a minimum of four years of control over that pick. Though Amari Cooper has been a great addition to this offense thus far, that trade was made for a long-term investment. For me, Cooper would need three more productive seasons in order for me to say the Cowboys “won” that trade.

Are you confident in a starting pair of Jourdan Lewis and Chidobe Awuzie next year? 

Mason: Honestly, I am not too confident right now. I am interested in seeing how Jourdan will do in a complete starting role because although he does not have much starting experience, he is very good at locating and making plays on the ball. Potentially having Chidobe guarding team’s number one receivers when he is coming off of a season where he frequently gave up big plays is not ideal to me. If new defensive coordinator Mike Nolan can help Chido with his ball skills and play-making ability I may feel a little better with them since a lot of plays he gives up are because he never turns his head around. For now, I can’t say with complete confidence that I am not worried about them starting.

Juwan: It’s hard to draw confidence in a corner who had his playing time taken away due to poor performance (Chidobe Awuzie) and now expect him to perhaps be the number one corner. I do think you can do worst than having Awuzie and Jourdan Lewis as a starting duo, but just sliding them up to replace Byron Jones would not suffice.

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