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Mark Cuban Buys Future Land For Mavericks



Following in Jerry Jones foot steps may drive some people mad, depending on what the topic is. However, when it comes to business, there are few you can follow that would be more ideal. Jones bought land in Frisco, TX for the Dallas Cowboys new practice and development facility, which has already been a touch down in terms of success and publicity. It was announced yesterday that Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban has purchased a 10-acre area across from American Airlines Center to house the future practice facility and headquarters for the organization.


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Cuban didn’t have anything to say about the deal, but I’m sure we will know the full intentions in no time. Bill Hutchinson, CEO of Dunhill Partners’ said he would be more than happy to have the Mavericks pursuing their activities in the neighborhood.


“I couldn’t be more pleased to have the Mavericks come across the freeway to practice,” said Hutchinson, who had no first-hand knowledge of the deal. “It’s a fantastic idea and they’d be a great new neighbor in the Design District.”


While nothing has been confirmed about this being the land for the practice facility, it’s worth mentioning that Cuban has already been working on a design for such a development. It’s his dream that the facility will be a destination for Mavericks fans, and a place for his players and team personnel. Along with that, he hopes to have a team store, a cafe open to the public, a museum and much more. He has been working on a design with HKS Inc., a Dallas-based architecture firm, as well as Texas A&M graduate students.


“The building will also include office space and conference rooms for startup technology companies, further separating the building from typical NBA practice facilities,” according to Texas A&M officials.


“Overall, the sports industry is taking notice of what [Jerry] Jones has done, which is essentially building a secondary home to generate revenue and build fan support that will ultimately build the brand,” said John Alper, vice president of strategic partnerships for Plano-based Chisum Sports & Hospitality, told the Dallas Business Journal.


While it definitely won’t be the type of facility Jerry has over in Frisco, it goes to show you that business mogul, Mark Cuban is always thinking outside of the box, and looking for new ways to create a buzz in regards to his Dallas Mavericks franchise.


“Mark has always had his own priority for the team, which is make the players better and win,” he added. “I’m not sure how much Mark cares about the real estate play.”



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