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Mark Cuban has “no problem” with NBA games continuing without fans

Photo: Michael Lark/Dallas Sports Fanatic

Mark Cuban has “no problem” with NBA games continuing without fans

Shark Tank star and owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks Mark Cuban was recently on Inc.’s Real Talk: Business Reboot – Ask Me Anything with Mark Cuban. He discussed how the current COVID-19 pandemic is affecting businesses of all sizes and what USA 2.0 will look like after the crisis is over. Cuban took questions from the general public and addressed real concerns from business owners. He also shared the four areas he is currently brushing up on so he can stay ahead of the curve, because he said that is how he makes his money.

-Healthy Buildings: How to Make Buildings Healthier for Humans

-Robotics: How to Use Robotics to Decrease Touch Points

-Precision Medicine: How Medicine Can be Tailored to Individuals

-Artificial Intelligence: Keeping Humans Safer Through AI

The most important area to him was Artificial Intelligence. He said he is reading up on the area and taking classes on Coursera. He also suggested, for the geeky group, to read The Master Algorithm. To get a general understanding of AI, he suggested looking through YouTube and learning the basics. If you want to be ahead of the curve like Mark, then start reviewing and understanding AI. He said don’t be #101. If there are 100 others doing the same thing as you then innovate and “go where they ain’t.”

Cuban also discussed the NBA and his thoughts on live sporting events coming back. He was asked if he remained optimistic that we will be able to gather in large venues for live sporting events and concerts within the next 12 months.

“Yes, absolutely, positively. Look I am a big believer in science, I am a big believer in American exceptionalism. I am 100% confident that the scientists and doctors will figure this out. No doubt in my mind. I think we will have therapies, I think we will have prophylactics, things that keep you from catching things and a vaccine as well to help keep you from catching things. I am not worried about that, it’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when.”

He was then asked if he is a fan of continuing the NBA season without fans in the arena.

“Oh ya, I have no problem with that. Look I think we need sports. We need something to root for right now. We need something to yell about and scream about and virtually together watching a game. I mean ya know, if you are a Mavs fan and the Mavs are playing the Lakers and you are a Lakers fan. And all your Lakers fans are screaming with each other and all the Mavs fans are screaming with each other. And the Lakers fans are upset because the Mavs just kicked their butts. Those are the types of things we need to just get excited whether it is basketball or any sport. We need something to gather around. So ya, we will play without fans if that’s the way it works, but one thing we won’t do is jeopardize the health of our employees whether they are players, coaches, or any important personnel needed to produce a game.”

Fans are definitely wanting sports to come back, but the health and safety of those involved is the utmost importance. Cuban is all for playing NBA games without fans and most fans just want to see some new sports content. We will see what NBA commissioner Adam Silver decides over the course of the next month or so. Sports will go on, it is just a matter of time.

The one question circulating around Cuban is if he will run or president. When Cuban was asked if he would run for president he said,”It is highly unlikely.” That doesn’t mean no, however, so he left a little space for himself to mull the idea over a little longer.

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