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Maverick’s assistant coach Jenny Boucek on the Mavs, WNBA and being a Maverick Woman

Maverick’s assistant coach Jenny Boucek on the Mavs, WNBA and being a Maverick Woman

In honor of International Woman’s Day, BEDGEAR partnered with the Dallas Mavericks to host “Maverick Women: A Networking Power Hour.”

The theme of ‘Maverick Women’ not only alludes to our beloved Dallas sports team, but also the dictionary definition of a maverick – an independent-minded person who marches to the beat of her own drum and refuses to be boxed in preconceived notions.

Maverick’s assistant coach Jenny Boucek made an appearance just minutes before tipoff in the American Airlines Center to share some inspiring words and describes what it takes to be a Maverick Woman.

“It’s an exciting time for women,” said Boucek. “We are a team; we are in this together. While I’m hoping to make you guys all proud I need your support and women in my position need your support as we’re trying to break through some ceilings because not everybody’s in favor of us.”

“[As a woman] When you get introduced to a new opportunity you’re also taking away some opportunities from other people [men.] There are some people who aren’t happy about women being given opportunities because it’s now more competition for them. If we are equipped, we should not be out of the conversation because of our gender. I don’t want to get a job because of my gender but I also don’t want to not get a job because of my gender. It’s an exciting time not just for sports but hopefully in how women are perceived in all aspects of life.”

Catch my full Q&A with Coach Boucek in the video above!

Special thanks to BEDGEAR and the Dallas Mavericks for the collaboration. 

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