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Mavericks pre-lottery fate decided Friday

Mavericks pre-lottery fate decided Friday

While the regular season is officially over for our Dallas Mavericks, the real fun is just beginning. The Mavericks finished tied for the third worst record in the NBA with the Atlanta Hawks at 24-58. As a result of the tie, every lottery team now has the same odds of drawing the No.1 pick or a top three pick on May 15, when the draft order is decided.

That brings us to this Friday when there will be a random draw to determine the tiebreaker. If neither the Hawks nor the Mavericks get a top-3 pick, then the winner of the tiebreak is guaranteed to finish with a lottery pick just in front of the loser of the tiebreak. The winner of the tiebreaker (the #3 pre-lottery spot) would be guaranteed to have a pick no worse than 6th. The loser of that tie-breaker would have the #4 pre-lottery spot, and would have no worse than the 7th pick.

To sum it all up, the tiebreaker between the Mavericks and Hawks will help determine the absolute latest the Mavericks will pick in the lottery IF they don’t win one of the top three spots.

Want to check out the drawing? No problem.

It will be live on NBA TV at about 5:45 EST.






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