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Mavericks restart schedule announced on Friday night

Mavericks restart schedule announced on Friday night

Who is ready for some summer basketball? 

I don’t know about you, but it feels bizarre that in this “new” world that we are living in that the NBA is coming back in just over a month. The NBA released its end of season schedule Friday night and each of the 22 teams will play “eight seeding games” between July 30th-August 14th.

Key details for the restart

June 23rd: Players began testing for COVID. They will be testing every other day until the teams leave for Orlando. 

July 7-9: Teams will start traveling to Orlando. 

July 9-29: Training camps begin for teams.

July 21-22: Teams can start inter squad scrimmages. These scrimmages will be scheduled by the NBA and will have NBA referees. 

July 30-August 14: 22 teams will play 8 seeding games to finalize 16 playoff teams. 

August 15-16: If the 9th seed is within four game of 8th seed, they will play each other and if the 8th seed wins one game, they get into the playoffs. 9th seed has to win two games. 

August 17: NBA playoffs begin. (Could be moved up if 8 seed vs. 9 seed games don’t need to be played.)

August 30: Families of players can begin arriving to the “bubble.” 

August 31-September 13: Conference semifinals.

September 15-28: Conference finals.

September 30-October 13: NBA Finals. 

One interesting notes that you will notice from the Mavs schedule is that games will be played anywhere from 12pm local time to 9pm. Seven games per day and the NBA will use three total courts, two for national TV. 

Official Dallas Mavericks schedule 

7/31, 8pm: Houston Rockets (Mavs 1.5 games behind Rockets) 

8/3, 8pm: Phoenix Suns 

8/4. 1:30pm: Sacramento Kings 

8/6, 5:30pm: Los Angeles Clippers 

8/8, 7:30pm: Milwaukee Bucks 

8/10, 2pm: Utah Jazz (Mavs 2.5 behind Utah entering restart) 

8/11, 4pm: Portland Trailblazers 

8/13. TBD: Phoenix Suns 

*The seeding technically doesn’t matter since all games will be played in Orlando.

Staff writer covering the Dallas Cowboys | Grew up in Plano, Texas. Graduated from Plano east in 2009, graduated from American broadcasting school in 2011. Big time DFW sports fan. Once went to Shawn Marions pool party the summer the Mavs won the championship.

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