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Mavericks reunite with Seth Curry on four-year deal


The past 18 hours have been interesting to say the least for the Dallas Mavericks.

As a handful of their rumored targets signed elsewhere like Al Horford (Sixers), Malcolm Brogdon (Pacers), and Patrick Beverley (Clippers), it was looking like the Mavericks were going to strike out again especially after the confusing three-team trade debacle fell apart with Miami.

But remember Mavs fans, Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was the Mavericks roster, though a brick or two was added to the foundation this morning.

First reported by Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, free agent guard Seth Curry has agreed to return to Dallas after a one-year stint in Portland.

Seth Curry, who was a member of the Mavericks from 2016-2018, though didn’t play in 2017-2018, averaged 7.9 points per game this season in Portland while shooting 45% from three, third best in the league.

Curry returns to the Mavericks on a four-year, $32M deal, first reported by Marc Stein of New York Times.

Being that Dallas missed out on Brogdon and Beverley, adding Seth Curry is a huge deal. Adding one of the best shooters in the league who is a dual threat guard as well as his familiarity with Rick Carlisle’s system, helps spread the floor for Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis.

Another positive attached to this deal is that the signing of Curry doesn’t take the Mavs out of the Danny Green sweepstakes, who shot the second highest percentage in the league from three last season, as he waits for Kawhi Leonard’s decision.

Clearly, the Mavericks have more work to do so it’s unsure if Curry will join Doncic in the starting lineup or come off the bench, but regardless, the acquisition of Seth Curry will do wonders for the Mavericks offense.


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