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Mavericks Roundtable: Draft night takeaways, Curry trade reaction, & free agency predictions

Mavericks Roundtable: Draft night takeaways, Curry trade reaction, & free agency predictions

1. Draft night was a whirlwind for the Mavericks. Overall takeaways?
Duell: It’s hard to imagine a realistic scenario where they could have done a lot better. There were options similar to Josh Green at pick 18 that I saw plenty of people rooting for, but their addition of Josh Richardson certainly addresses that need/role immediately and doesn’t need to roll the dice on a draft pick. I love the Tyrell Terry pick as he seems ready to be an impact shooter right now who will benefit from great Luka passing from day one.
Konkle: It was an absolute home run for Dallas. They had a clear plan to add talented defenders and executed that perfectly. And the fact that every pick or trade brought strong overall value was just the cherry on top. This is how you build a team when you aren’t pegged as a top free agent destination, or at least not yet.
Mulford: An outstanding night for the Mavericks. As Reese said, they came into the night with a gameplan and didn’t stray away from that at all. Donnie said prior to the draft that there was a little more of an emphasis on small forwards. Well, they grabbed two wings in Josh Green and Tyler Bey who can defend on the perimeter, on top of acquiring Josh Richardson. Add Tyrell Terry’s shooting and playmaking to that group and you come away with one hell of a night. Salute to Donnie and Co.
2.    When it comes to drafting for need, how’d the Mavs do?
Duell: I think they absolutely addressed their needs last night. They drafted two tough-minded defensive players in Green and Bey, added another one via trade with Richardson and then eased the loss of Seth Curry by drafting Terry. While none of the players added fit the “tough guy” role the team showed they needed to fill after their playoff series with the Clippers, the size and build of Green and Richardson will certainly make them a tougher team to penetrate out on the perimeter.
Konkle: Their biggest need coming in was versatile defenders who shine on the wing and they added three of them. While Green & Bey are more projects on offense, they are ready to play defense in the NBA tomorrow. They’re wired to stop people. And Richardson is a starting quality two-way guy. They checked every box. And with the loss of Curry, they went out and nabbed maybe they most dynamic shooter in the draft in Tyrell Terry. I can tell you now, he’s going to be a fan favorite. He already might be.
Mulford: As I stated previously, Donnie said he wanted wings so my man went and got him a three piece, including Josh Richardson. Josh Green is arguably the best perimeter defender in the draft. A terrific athlete with an improving shot, Green could become quite an asset as a 3-And-D guy. Bey is a guy who can defend multiple positions with explosive athleticism and great rebounding for his size. Trading Curry for Richardson opened up a need for perimeter shooting and the Mavericks got that in Terry. As Nelson said, “he can shoot the piss out of it.” That’s all you need to know.
3.    Trading away a skillset, and fan favorite, like Seth Curry hurts but thoughts on acquiring Josh Richardson?
Duell: I love the deal. Obviously we all love Seth Curry. He first earned a special place in MFFL hearts by playing for a bad team back in 2016-2017 that we all hate-watched, but seeing him get a long-term deal last summer and then really step it up over a full season certainly boosted his value enough to bring back a player with the skills of Josh Richardson. The Mavericks are going to have a good offense probably no matter who is placed around the likes of Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis. They weren’t going to just magically become a better defensive team this offseason without making some moves. While this isn’t the last deal, it certainly is a good start.
Konkle: I love it. There isn’t an MFFL you can find with a bad thing to say about Seth Curry. We love the dude, but this was a necessary move. They filled a glaring need, while also getting the better player and pick back. The value was great as is the fit for J-Rich. It’s a win-win for all the parties involved.
Mulford: You hate to see a guy like Seth go, as Donnie said after the draft, but the move was necessary with what was on the table. Seth’s shooting will be missed but I feel like shooting can be found easier than the value of a great perimeter defender, as Richardson has shown he can be. Add in his offensive ability plus the extra pick from Philly and potentially replacing Seth’s shooting with Tyrell Terry and this was a no-brainer for the Mavericks.
4.    Now that the draft is behind us, let’s look forward to free agency. Donnie said “we’re not done yet.” What do you take from that? Who are some FA’s you’d like the Mavs to target?
Duell: I guess it really depends on if they want to just happily have Tim Hardaway Jr. back in the same role, or if they want to utilize his $19 million salary as the main way of matching salaries in a deal for another established scoring wing who might be able to fill that #3 spot everyone thinks the Mavs need to upgrade behind Luka and KP. I don’t see them nabbing that guy in FA, but they can certainly find a very quality role player or two with their MLE. I don’t necessarily think they need to use it on a big like Christian Wood or Serge Ibaka with their front court already kind of crowded, but I wouldn’t be against it at all. Maybe Gordon Hayward is a possibility since he’s now opted out of $34 million. He’s only doing that because he knows he can get another 3-4 year deal. Not because he plans on getting $34 million next season. If he’s somewhere in the low-to-mid-20’s per year, maybe Hardaway and a package of other fillers could be something Dallas pursues.
Konkle: They’ve still got the full MLE to work with. That can net you a good rotation player or starter. Maybe Ibaka? It would be a good idea with KP not being there early on. I really love the idea of getting in on the Bogdanovic or Hield sweepstakes in Sacramento. I think you can do so while maintaining flexibility for next year now that you’ve swapped Curry’s deal for J-Rich’s. You could also see them look at some cheap grunt-work guys like Kris Dunn or Garrett Temple. Either way, the Mavs have options. A lot of good ones. Let’s hope Donnie cooks up something nice.
Mulford: The fact that Donnie was so adamant in saying “we’re not done yet” has me excited on what’s to come but I’m grounding my expectations. As for free agency, the mid-level is certainly in play, which can get Dallas a solid spot starter or rotation player, like Reese mentioned, for a guy like Serge Ibaka or a more attractive, yet more expensive candidate in Jerami Grant. For the Mavericks’ own free agents, I’m not sure who, if any, will be back. Does JJ get a final one-year with the Mavs?
Obviously there are some potential trades out there, like with the Thunder’s Danilo Galinari in a sign-and-trade. It’s known that the Mavericks explored a trade for Gallo at the deadline last season. As for Sacramento’s debacle with the Bogdan trade and Hield being unhappy, I’d be intrigued to see if Dallas throws their name in the ring, but at what price?
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