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Mavs Fanatic Friday: Ross Lindsey

Name: Ross Lindsey

Location: Euless, Texas

How long have you been a fan? Went to my first game when I was 5 in 1989, and became a true die hard in the year of 1995.

What made you a fan?  Loved the potential of the three J’s, the classic uniforms, hearing Jim Durham and Bob Ortegal calling every game, and the fact that no matter how bad they were, they always gave it their all.

Favorite Maverick player of all time and why? Has to be Dirk.  Greatest Maverick ever, and always humble.  I LOVED Steve Nash, and was heartbroken when he signed with Phoenix.  Back when I played I had the same herky jerky style Steve did.  Had he stayed it may have been him.

Favorite Mavs moment and why?  The final moments of Game 6 of the 2011 finals.  My In-Laws took us to Grand Cayman for vacation so I had to be out of the country, but I proudly repped my Mavs gear everywhere I went, and didn’t sit down for a second of the game.  Not ashamed in the least bit that I “sports cried”.  I wanted to wake up my 15 month old son, Maverick, to take in the glory with me, but my wife did not feel as if it was a good idea.

What you looking forward to the most this season?  A healthy Dirk.  No matter what type of supporting cast you put around Dirk, as long as he is healthy he can single handedly will the Mavs to a win.

What is your definition of a MFFL?  A fan that gets up for the team no matter the circumstances.  The Mavs organization and fans are a family, and you love and support your family no matter the circumstances.  You also have to hate the Spurs.


MavWhy was Ross chosen for our 1st Edition of Mavs Fanatic Fridays? Below, you will see an image of his son, whom he promptly named Maverick. Pretty tough to beat that.

If you think you should be chosen for our next edition of MFF, please tweet us and tell us why you should be chosen!

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