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A few takeaways as the Mavericks down the Lakers

A few takeaways as the Mavericks down the Lakers

The Mavericks have to clean up the terrible starts 

Once again, the Mavericks found themselves down early in an important game against a conference foe. Seems like that’s been the case for the entire month of April and it’s reflected in their record.

Their typical five of Luka-Richardson-Finney-Smith-Kleber-Porzingis has been generally positive this season, but lately that group has been a killer, especially at the beginning of games.

Rick tried to counteract that against Detroit on Wednesday when he inserted Powell for Kleber, but it’s been more of the same.

Whats the issue then? There are a couple you could note, but the most significant to me is the utter lack of creation outside of Luka. He’s playing with four guys who can’t do anything truly productive with the dribble.

Rick went with Powell in place of a struggling Kleber, but I would like to look at the backcourt and try one of your more explosive player back there with Luka. Redick, Hardaway, or Brunson would do the trick I think.

If Kristaps is out for an extended period of time, this team is destined for the play-in. 

Its been an uneven year for Kristaps Porzingis. I think both he & fans of the team would admit to that.

But it’s also true that his mere presence on the floor makes this team much better. It’s an indisputable fact. So when he limped to the locker room with a left ankle sprain, everyone watched with bated breath.

We’ll likely learn more over the next couple of days, but Carlisle‘s words with TNT’s Reggie Miller hinted at it being relatively minor. Ultimately we will see, but if KP is out for even a couple games, the Mavericks might be in some trouble.

The JJ Redick Trade is paying off for this team

The Mavericks offense has been sorely missing a guy like JJ Redick. They have a lot of “shooters,” but all of them prefer to do it from a stationary position.

What Redick gives you is a guy who can shoot on the move. He sprints through screens, can catch & fire with quickness, and also has strong gravity. Defenses have to react to him and that creates advantages for the Mavericks offense nobody else really can.

I think back to Doug McDermott’s time here when I watch him. They have a knack for making use of these types of players in their offense and should always keep a guy like Redick on file.

Staff writer covering the Dallas Mavericks, Texas Legends and TCU basketball | Stephen "Reese" Konkle. 21 years old, currently enrolled at UNT working towards my degree in Digital/print media with a sports certification. Have a passion for basketball, and the Mavericks. Looking to bring Mavs fans a fresh, interesting perspective on the greatest game in the world.

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