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Mavs Lose By 38, So Here Are 38 Things MFFLs Should Be Thankful For


The Dallas Mavericks played an actual NBA game tonight and they were down by 45 at one point.  So instead of attempting to break down what went wrong with the Mavericks to the tune of a 90-128 blowout loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers, here are 38 Mavericks related things to be thankful for:


1. Dirk is back in the lineup and healthy

2. Harrison Barnes has exceeded everyone’s expectations but his own

3. Rick Carlisle is still a Top 3 NBA Coach.

4. Nico Brussino.



5. The Mavericks own their own 1st Round Draft Pick this season

6. Subsequently, this draft class sounds pretty good

7. The NBA hasn’t made any ground on Draft Lottery reform and bad teams still have a chance to get better

8. That Dorian Finney-Smith Defensive Possession against The Greek Freak in the final seconds of regulation in the first win of the season.




9. The Dallas Cowboys’ have to be on this list right?

10. The 2011 NBA Finals were not a dream.

11. How Dirk Nowitzki still gets fired up after plays like this one tonight.




12. The Mavericks were a 50-Win team for 11 straight years.

13. Mark Cuban is still the best owner in sports.


Mark Cuban agrees… from gifs


14. The ManiAACs.

15. The Dallas Mavericks Dancers.1




16. Andrew Bogut’s tip-out game.




17. Wes Matthews finding his three point shot

18. At least you weren’t that Michigan fan at the game tonight…



19. The Mavericks made the playoffs 15 of the last 16 years.

20. Seth Curry’s Flashes

21. Knowing that Dirk’s number is going to be hanging in the AAC rafters

22. Knowing that Dirk is going to make the Hall of Fame

23. This Video:



24. This Video:




25. The Mavericks 10/15 Away Stretch is Over

26. The Mavs play the next 8/10 at home.

27. For some, the awkward family conversations are over until Christmas

28. Dorian Finney-Smith’s Story and how his mom cried when he made the team.

29. This Dwight Powell dunk 



30. Curry vs Curry Vols 5 & 6 are Coming Soon

31. The Mavs hashtag is #MFFL and not something dumb



32. Despite their issues, the Mavs aren’t as dysfunctional of an organization as the Kings

33. Sean Heath chanting “Let’s Go Mavs” every chance he gets

34. The first quarter against the Clippers where everything seemed normal again

35. This Dirk shot during that quarter



36. This wasn’t a real MFFL…



37. Simba Swats & Simba Slams



38. The best fanbase in the NBA


  1. Because what’s better than dancing fat guys and hot girls?

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