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Have The Mavs Quietly Assembled an Athletic Team?


Looking back over the past several seasons, what’s been the primary frustration for Dallas Mavericks fans outside of unsuccessful fishing? Easy answer: athleticism.


How many games has Dallas lost due to not being able to compete above the rim, off the glass or in transition at the end of games? Easy answer: too many.


Perfect example is the Oklahoma City Thunder series. Ernes Kanter, Steven Adams and Serge Ibaka murdered Rick Carlisle’s squad on second chance points and boards.


In the past Mark Cuban and Co. invested empty roster spots on veterans with high Basketball-IQs but low verticals. With the exception of some superstars, the NBA has evolved from all around shooters to slashers. Fans are witnessing wide open 3’s or freak athletes finishing around the rim. The mid-range game is dying. It’s time the Mavs fully adapt and divorce the 2011 philosophy of team building. The good news is that it looks like Donnie Nelson is finally coming around to that notion.


Dallas is getting a lot of reps at implementing Plan B. And this may be their best Plan B yet. As underwhelming as that sounds, the new addition afterthoughts should prove otherwise. This offseason, the Mavs inked players at the ages of 25, 25, 23, 24, 25, 23, 28, 23, 24, 25 and 22. Of course youth alone is not the formula for rings (i.e. the Philadelphia 76ers). And several of these signings aren’t even guaranteed contracts. Nevertheless, athleticism is the simplest formula for Dallas to provide Dirk Nowitzki with one last charge.


Let’s run tape on the 9 athletes that Cuban and Co. have acquired within the last year or so. 5 of the 9 have yet to put on that beautiful white and blue uniform. The AAC should see more energy and competitiveness on the court this season. Some have criticized my earlier prediction of Mavs landing the 4_seed (if healthy). But jumping 2 spots after the Mavs clearly improved isn’t farfetched.


The NBA season can’t get here soon enough!


Disclaimer: After watching these bouncy highlights from Acy, Simba, Barnes and Powell, please refrain from moving your trampoline underneath your basketball goal. We know it’ll be hard, but here at Mavs Fanatic we care about your safety. Enjoy!


Quincy Acy

Justin Anderson

Harrison Barnes

Dwight Powell

Wes Matthews

Salah Mejri

A.J. Hammonds

Seth Curry

Andrew Bogut

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