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Mesquite Outlaws take it to the Sidekicks for the second time this season

Photo: Michael Lark/Dallas Sports Fanatic

Mesquite Outlaws take it to the Sidekicks for the second time this season

The second edition of the Texas Derby came just a day after Christmas, giving us an exciting Christmas present to enjoy. After their first encounter, the Sidekicks were looking for redemption. 

First Half
Things quickly took off when the Outlaws scored by a mistake in the back early in the first quarter. A second goal made it past goalkeeper Juan Gamboa’s hand as he struggled to get the ball off a free-kick to extend the Outlaws’ lead. A third goal made it to the back of the Sidekicks net after an excellent through-ball by Jose Maria Oteze for VcMor Eligwe to score his second goal of the night. The first quarter ended with an excruciating dominant Outlaw side.

The second quarter had a few missed chances from the Sidekicks.  The home side tried many times to get on the scoreboard, but were unlucky. The Outlaws again would find the back of the net after an incredible solo goal by Anthony Powell that helped increase their lead late in the second quarter. The Sidekicks were far more dominant during the second quarter, but the Outlaws were able to find a fourth goal.

Second Half
After both sides swapped goals throughout the third, the fourth quarter was more productive from the visiting side. By producing more goal-scoring opportunities, they increased their lead by two more goals. The Sidekicks were nowhere to be seen in the last quarter. They got close to goal but were unable to take a productive shot. Freddy Moojen managed to score a goal late in the fourth quarter to increase his tally to four goals on the season.

Match Reactions

The Outlaws were victorious in a brutal 7-2 match. The visiting team was the bright dominant side as they took advantage of the Sidekicks open spaces.

Post-match interviews were done by both teams giving their insight of the game. Outlaws man of the match and former Sidekicks player VcMor Eligwe had a few things to say about the game: “We knew from the first time we faced them at home I didn’t put away some. I haven’t been sharp. Once I saw the chances I did exactly what I was supposed to do to get around Juan Gamboa.”

“The mindset was very similar all the way through, we have a lot of confidence in our team,” Jamie Lovegrove said. “We prepared for tonight’s game, and it showed.”

Following tonight’s defeat, both Cameron Brown and Juan Gamboa gave their insights on tonight’s Sidekicks loss. “We were outhustled,” Gamboa said. “The Outlaws came to play, and we came out soft and asleep, which they took advantage of. They got behind the ball well enough,” Cameron said. “They had a lot of trust in each other to defend well. It becomes tough to score”.

The Sidekicks are now 1-6, still at the bottom of the Western Conference. Exciting matches are coming their way, all crucial if they want to reach the playoffs towards the end of the season.

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