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2013 NBA Combine, Draft: Huie’s Five Players to Watch

While the NBA Playoffs continue, the NBA Draft Combine starts today. I’ll say on thing – This is going to be a pretty legit draft class. It may be even better than last year’s class. There are so many guys that I see entering the combine and I am amazed at the names.

I would have to guess that most MFFLs don’t pay much attention to the upcoming draft, mostly due to the fact that the Mavericks have clinched a playoff berth for 12 consecutive years. My, how the tides have turned. Draft picks for Dallas are crucial in helping rebuild this team back to playoff form.

There’s a .6 percent chance that the Mavs will have the first overall pick in the draft. So realistically, Cuban will not get the first guy off the draft board.

So here are some guys I think that will be beneficial to the Mavs while I watch the Combine and leading up to this Draft. The fans might disagree with these guys, but it’s just my personal view. This group could change later as we get closer to the NBA Draft.


Seth Curry – Duke


Yes, Stephen Curry’s little brother from Duke. Of course if you are the son of Dell Curry, you are born with the gift to shoot the lights out of the gym. Seth does just that. The Mavs need a PG with Darren Collison possibly on his way out. Mike James isn’t getting any younger, so he is unable to play big minutes. Seth isn’t known as a floor general seeing that his assist totals were so low during his career at Duke. But he is a physical defender and great for snatching rebounds. Who wouldn’t want a guard who can grab the boards? Seth averaged 17.5 points per game and shot 43% from behind the arc in his senior season. He could bring the shooting consistency that O.J. Mayo lacked during the season. Seth Curry would help bring some life to the offensive side for the Mavs.


rsz_mcwMichael Carter-Williams – Syracuse


“MCW” is what the world of college hoops calls him. Michael Carter-Williams had a breakout year this season compared to his freshman season. This guy is only a sophomore and averaged 11.9 points, 4.9 rebounds, and 7.3 assists during his second year. He isn’t a great long-range shooter, but has an excellent midrange game and is quick when driving to the basket. ‘Cuse is known for running the 2-3 zone thanks to Jim Boehim, which allowed MCW to average 2.8 steals a game. That defensive presence could be beneficial since the Mavs were the fourth-worst in the league for most opponent points allowed this season (averaged about 101.7 points). MCW is also 6’6”, so he could play the 2-guard and maybe forward position. So he could be great when needing to matchup with guys like Kobe, Iggy, or James Harden, etc.


rsz_muhammadShabazz Muhammad – UCLA


Shabazz will most likely be drafted before the Mavs are on the clock for their First Round pick. If for some reason Muhammad is still available, this is one guy Mark Cuban should highly consider. Shabazz is very athletic on the offensive side and can run the floor resulting in easy transition baskets. Shabazz is quick coming off screens, plus his spot-up mid-range jumpers are almost automatic. He brings that explosiveness that most NBA teams need. Muhammed is not that great behind the arc, but he isn’t afraid to take a 3-pointer if he’s wide open.


rsz_plumleeMason Plumlee – Duke


I watched this guy play all four years at Duke and his development during his college career is probably one of the best of all the prospects in the draft. Plumlee is a “NBA-ready” center being that he is 6’11”. I always tell the Twitter world that Mason Plumlee will be one of the best big men in the draft, usually resulting in me getting laughed at each and every time. He averaged 17 points and 10 rebounds his senior season. Plumlee is very physical. He has a ridiculous vertical for a guy at his height. He could easily be good in transition offense with his ability to play above the rim. Plumlee is strong in the paint when it comes to boxing out and grabbing the boards. He could be vital in the Mavs pick and roll game because he has good hands and mobility. People disagree that Mason is soft in the paint. I disagree. He has a great post game, having the ability with the hook shot, which makes him tough to guard. One area he could improve on is his defense in the post, but with his wingspan of 6’10”, that should make up for the lack of post defense. A center is what the Mavs need, and Mason Plumlee can help fill that void.


rsz_kellyRyan Kelly – Duke


I picked Ryan Kelly to get drafted hopefully in the 2nd round to the Mavs. I’m a huge Duke fan, so like Plumlee, I watched Ryan Kelly progress in his career at Duke. I call him “Baby Dirk”, which Mavs fans call me crazy. However, if you watch him, he is a “poor man’s Dirk Nowtizki”. His game is so similar to Dirk’s. No, he doesn’t shoot the trademark fade-away step back jumper like Dirk, but he can shoot. He’s skinny and 6’11”, just like Dirk coming into the draft. Kelly shot above 40% from the 3-point line in his junior and senior season. For a big man, that’s pretty impressive. His defense is lacking, because he lacks athleticism. If he’s on the floor, however, he can help a Mavs offense that was stagnant at times this past year.


This “To-Watch” list could change after the combine and when experts start posting Mock Drafts, but I think one of these guys could help the Mavs get back to being a contender in the NBA.


Go Mavs!

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