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NFL Draft: Five trade back scenarios for Dallas to consider

NFL Draft: Five trade back scenarios for Dallas to consider

Trade #1

  • Trade: Pick 10 | Receive (From Raiders) Picks: 17, 48, 79

Draft Pick: Jaycee Horn, CB

School: South Carolina | Year: Junior

With Patrick Surtain II and Kyle Pitts off the board, Dallas elected to trade back to pick up some additional draft capital. The Raiders moved up to select Greg Newsome II out of Northwestern. Not only does Dallas get an elite athlete at pick 17, but they now have 44, 48, 75, 79 and 99 – five picks inside the top 100.

Trade #2

  • Trade: Pick 10 | Receive (From LA Chargers) Picks: 13. 47, 77
  • Trade: Pick 13 | Receive (From Bears) Picks: 20, 52, 83
  • Trade Pick 20 | Receive (From Titans) Picks: 22, 85

Draft Pick: Caleb Farley, CB

School: Virginia Tech | Year: Junior

The Dallas Cowboys load up on picks as teams continue to make their run at cornerback. Dallas now has eight picks inside the top 100 and still get a solid player in Caleb Farley. Dallas has not been tied very much to Farley – mostly because of his recent surgery pushing him down draft boards. However, seeing as how most teams may shy away from Farley insisde the top-20 the Cowboys will have options to continue trading down if they felt comfortable in taking him.

Trade #3

  • Trade: Pick 10 | Receive (From Colts) Picks: 21, 54, 2022 3rd Round

Draft Pick: Patrick Surtain II

School: Alabama | Year: Junior

The most dream scenerio for the Cowboys would be for them to be able to trade back and still select a player most have projecting going inside the top-10. The Cowboys also pick up an additional second-round pick to couple with their new starting cornerback.

Trade #4

  • Trade: Pick 10 | Receive (From Steelers) Picks: 24, 55, 87, 2022 3rd Round

Draft Pick: Christian Darrisaw, T

School: Virginia Tech | Year: Senior

Darrisaw turned in the second-highest graded season from a Power 5 tackle in a massive 2020 season. He’s an easy people-mover that few are going through. His type of strength is something Dallas has lacked at their left guard position since Ron Leary left via free agency. Dallas boosts their line while also picking up an additional two top-100 picks.

Trade #5

  • Trade: Pick 10 | Receive (From Eagles) Picks: 12, 84

Possible Draft Picks: Micah Parsons, LB | Patrick Surtain II, CB | Jaycee Horn, CB

How likely is it for Dallas to trade with a division rival? Maybe not likely. However, it does illustrate one of their resonable trades Dallas could do if they don’t see a wide gap in talent between these defensiev players. If three or four resonable options still remain for Dallas to pick at 10 then it is highly probable for them to trade out of this pick.

(Disclaimer: This was done using Pro Football Focus Draft Simulator).

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