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NFL Madden 22: Prescott rated as eighth best quarterback

Photo by Jordon Kelly/Icon Sportswire

NFL Madden 22: Prescott rated as eighth best quarterback

Three weeks out until the release of Madden 22 and EA wrapped up ratings release week with their top 10 quarterbacks on launch day.

Slated eighth on that list was Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott – who missed 11 games of his 2020 campaign with an ankle injury.

Prescott comes in at an 87 overall.

  1. Patrick Mahomes (99)
  2. Tom Brady (97)
  3. Aaron Rodgers (96)
  4. Russell Wilson (94)
  5. Lamar Jackson (90)
  6. Deshaun Watson (90)
  7. Josh Allen (88)
  8. Dak Prescott (87)
  9. Ryan Tannehill (87)
  10. Matt Ryan (85)

Prescott also finished sixth in throw accuracy deep (89), eighth in throw accuracy mid (87) and eighth in short accuracy (91). He was also ninth in throw under pressure (87).

There’s no debate why Mahomes and Brady sit one and two on the list as we saw both quarterbacks get their team to a Super Bowl berth.

Aaron Rodgers was the 2020 NFL MVP and Russell Wilson asserted himself as a MVP candidate in the first half of the season.

However, a debate could be had at spots 5-7 on if those quarterbacks are clear cut better Qbs then Prescott.

Watson finished as the league-leader in passing yards, while Allen was fifth on that list and nearly brought the Buffalo Bills to their first Super Bowl appearance since the 90’s.

However, Prescott was on track to eclipse 5,500 yards passing. Prescott will have a chance to see how he fairs against the league’s premier gunslingers as he visits Brady opening night, Sept. 9, and Mahomes Nov. 21.

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