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The Night Before Christmas- A Poem

The Night Before Christmas- A Poem

It was the night before Christmas

And all through Jerry World

Ezekiel Elliot waited

For his evil plan to unfold

To rush for 200 yards

{dramatic pause}

He wanted to make the commissioner

All the more miserable(er)

And send the Seattle Seahawks

Home before the playoffs

To send Russell Wilson

Home for the Christmas with his children

{dramatic pause}

You see, Dallas was sad to see Zeke go

On his own, all the way to Cabo

But now he is back

Much to the delight of young Dak

Who hopes his presence back

Will help with the Cowboys passing attack

{Final dramatic pause}

Zeke is ready to eat

and Seattle has prepared him a treat

a defense without Sherman, Chancellor or Bennett

And like Fournette and Gurley before him

Zeke wants to destroy it







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