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Dallas Mavericks

One Question In Mavs Blowout Win: Is Ironman Back?

One Question In Mavs Blowout Win: Is Ironman Back?



Dallas Mavericks 112

Denver Nuggets 92


Top Performers

Wesley Matthews 25 points, 4 rebounds

Harrison Barnes 18 points, 3 rebounds

Deron Williams 17 points, 8 assists

Dorian Finney-Smith 13 points, 9 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 steals, 2 blocks

Mavs fans experienced an ugly relationship with Wes Matthews during 2015-16 and it bled over into the first month of this season. His max-contract looked like a foolish move by Cuban and Co. due to the combination of his major Achilles tendon injury and underwhelming box score. However, something encouraging might be happening with #23 as of late…


Wes Matthews Over Last 9 Games:

20 points per gam

45% field goal percentage

47% three-point percentage


We know players get on hot-streaks at times during an NBA season. But what’s encouraging is that those numbers above are more potent than at any time during his Portland Trail Blazers stint. Wes has elevated his 3-Pt production to 40% on the season after a rough start. Last year, Wes finished with a career low 36% from deep. This season is still young, but only Steph Curry and Eric Gordon have made more shots from beyond the arc than Matthews.


If Harrison Barnes keeps up his production (20 PPG) and Wes Matthews continues to surge, the Mavs could end up being offensively frustrating for opponents. Especially, if the same Dirk Nowitzki comes back and if Dorian Finney-Smith’s recent outpour of double-digit scoring (12, 11, 13 pts) and elite hustle on defense endure.



Of course that’s many “ifs”, so the draft-baby is still softly coddled. And if you’re a part of #TeamTank, then root for DWill and Andrew Bogut to remain serviceable so contenders look to trade draft picks for them. Do that and the draft-baby will sleep soundly all season.


What do you want to see happen if Matthews continues to produce at this level over the next several weeks.


  1. Ride it out and see if he maintains
  2. Strike while the iron’s hot if there are any viable trade offers



The Ironman NBA fans watched in Portland may not be back. Time will tell. But if Matthews keeps up this dominance, he’s going to have to receive a new nickname.


Up Next

Wednesday, December 14 vs Detroit Pistons at 7:30 p.m. CT. at the American Airlines Center.




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