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Open Letter To DeAndre Jordan: From MFFL’s Everywhere



Dear DeAndre, 

You probably won’t ever read this, probably what’s best for both of us. See you don’t know about us, but we definitely know about you. Who are we? We are MFFL. The saying goes “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” well, Hell hath no fury like a MFFL scorned.
Since the day you decided to walk in and out of our lives we have had today marked on all of our calendars. We’ve prepared how we would react to the world laughing at us, what we would say about you, and even what we would tweet about you. All summer long we have had to endure scrutiny, laughter, slander against our team, the team you so easily disrespected.
You see DeAndre, we had to listen to people and the media DEFEND what you did. People saying “he has the right to change his mind” and “he’s a grown man, grown men can change their mind” as almost as if you were getting a pat on your back. Meanwhile you left MFFL behind to pick of the pieces you never properly apologized for.
The mockery of the situation was something you never had to deal with. No one told you, “you were done” “that’s the end” “tear you down” but that’s exactly what we had to hear about our team because of you Mr. Jordan. Even after all of this, we aren’t angry at you, we actually forgive you (maybe) but you have lost the respect we had for you. “You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” and you Mr. DeAndre Jordan are no hero.
From Kaomi Michelle

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