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Pipe-dream Trade Targets for the Dallas Mavericks



With the NBA’s trade deadline a little over three weeks away, rumors are starting to swirl around big names like Carmelo Anthony and DeMarcus Cousins. For the most part, everybody has expected the Dallas Mavericks to sellers this year instead of buyers. 


Could recent success with their younger players change that? My guess is “no,” but if there’s anything I’ve learned over the years, it’s to not underestimate Mark Cuban and the front office when it comes to making moves via trade. Surely there are some contenders out there that would give up one of their draft picks for savvy veterans like Deron Williams, Andrew Bogut, Devin Harris, and even Wesley Matthews, even though Cuban has been adamant that Wes isn’t available. 


However, this article will be focused on which players the Mavs could possibly pry from other teams, not just draft picks. Below are 4 names that I think the Mavs should at least pick up the phone and inquire about:


Chris Paul


I know what you’re thinking: “But what do the Mavs have to offer?” And you’re right to ask that question.  I just think that if the Clippers aren’t able to pull off a big deal for say, Melo, then the Mavs should at least inquire about CP3. Talks of “blowing it up” started heating up last year after the Clippers got eliminated from the playoffs in the first round. CP3 is 31 years old and still figures to have a lot of high-quality basketball ahead of him. However, even with pieces around him like Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan, Paul still hasn’t been able to get past the 2nd round of the NBA playoffs. Could you imagine what a great fit CP3 would be in Rick Carlisle’s system? This is merely a pipe-dream, but if I were the Mavs front office, I would at least put some feelers out to see what it would take to get a deal on the table. Besides, CP3 has a player option this summer, and there’s no guarantee that he’ll be back with the Clippers anyway. Money-wise, this trade could work without having to give up Matthews, I just don’t know that the Clips would be willing to part with Paul for anyone on the Mavs roster.


John Wall


This is yet another pipe-dream idea. The main thinking behind this is: 1) Wall is one of the most talented PGs in the league. 2) For the most part, his Wizards’ teams have underachieved. 3) If the Mavs want DeMarcus Cousins to take them seriously in free agency, this move would be huge given that Boogie played with Wall at Kentucky. As is the case with CP3, I just don’t see who the Wizards would want to trade for with the Mavs. It would more so be about trading our 2017 first-round pick (stop groaning!) and expiring contracts. Wall wouldn’t be as seamless of a fit as CP3 would be, but I can guarantee you Mavs fans wouldn’t be complaining.


Nerlens Noel


This is a much more realistic idea for the Mavs. With the emergence of Joel Embiid, I just don’t see a spot for Noel to showcase his abilities to the fullest extent with the Philadelphia 76ers.  If the Sixers are serious about competing for the 8-seed in the East, they could use a couple of veterans to help them down the stretch. Noel is a player that I think the Mavs can get without having to forfeit any 1st round draft picks. Not only that, but Dallas would then have a legitimate, young, athletic center with upside.  At 22 years old, Noel reminds me of a young Tyson Chandler. The Mavs could use an athletic big guy like him, and my hope is that they would at least make a call to inquire about him.


Hassan Whiteside


There had been murmurs a few weeks ago that the Miami Heat were open to trading Whiteside.  Since then, the Heat have rattled off 8 straight wins, and they are now 4.5 games back of the 8-seed in the East. Whether that streak keeps the Heat from fielding offers for him or not, I think the Mavs should at least consider making an offer. He was Dallas’ number-1 target this past summer, and although he rejected the Mavs then, I’m sure Mark Cuban and Rick Carlilse would still love to see him in a Mavericks uniform. He would fill a need for sure, but where salary is concerned, I’m not too sure I wouldn’t rather have Nerlens Noel. Still, as with the other players, it would be worth a call to see what Miami’s thinking.  Some fans might be thinking, “He didn’t want to sign with us this summer, so why would we want him now?” Even though I completely understand why some would feel that way, the fact remains that Whiteside would provide an instant upgrade at center on both ends of the floor.


As stated earlier, these are merely my thoughts on some of the players I think the Mavs should call about.  Maybe the front office has other plans. Maybe they’ve already called about some of the names mentioned above. Or maybe with the recent success Dallas has had with it’s own players, they’ve decided to not make any deals this season. Either way, this time of the year is always exciting, and it makes it even more fun when the owner of your franchise can be unpredictable at times. Buckle up, because February 23rd is coming up fast!

Born and raised in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. I received my Bachelor's degree in Business Administration - Entrepreneurship from the University of Southern Mississippi. If you're unfamiliar with Southern Miss, think Brett Favre. I'm currently working full time as a salesperson for my family business. My fiancé and I are huge MFFLs, and we never pass up a chance to see the guys play in person.

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