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Player Profile: Michael Gallup

 College Recap

• Drafted in the 3rd round, 81st overall selection out of Colorado State University in 2018

Michael Gallup made a name for himself at Colorado State with his strong hands and a physical play style after the catch. Plays like the one attached above became routine for Gallup during his two-year collegiate career, and it was no secret to anyone that he was CSU’s best weapon offensively.

The fact that Gallup averaged 14.2 YPC with opposing defenses keying in on him is a testament to his longterm NFL potential.

Rookie Season in Review

While Gallup didn’t immediately duplicate his collegiate success during his rookie year, he contributed more than anyone could have anticipated.  His snap count increased over the last quarter of the regular season as he began to benefit from all the attention Amari Cooper was receiving.

Even more promising is the way Gallup ended the season. His performance in the playoffs is indicative of what he is capable of accomplishing when enough chemistry and development is invested into his game.

Two Ways Gallup Improved as a Rookie

•As the season progressed, Gallup demonstrated his understanding of quarterback scrambles. Especially against Los Angeles, Gallup was situationally aware of open passing lanes to put himself in a position to make a play. His refusal to break eye contact with Prescott lead to a massive 40+ yard gain in the NFC divisional round.

• Gallup has become comfortable with the way defensive backs play him. Gallup now utilizes the stutter- step at his release as well as his strong hands to contest the DB at the catch point.

What Year Two Will Bring

Free agent acquisition Randall Cobb will demand attention in the slot, while superstar wideout Amari Cooper will punish any defense that doesn’t double team him. This should prove to be the ideal environment for Gallup to continue working on his game. Don’t be surprised to see him finish next year with 600+ yards and 5 touchdowns.

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