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Post-game Reaction: DSF writers share their immediate thoughts on Cowboys’ win

Post-game Reaction: DSF writers share their immediate thoughts on Cowboys’ win

Mason : They didn’t make it look pretty but the Cowboys got the job done in Detroit. Dak obviously looked great once again, but my biggest props go to Michael Gallup and Randall Cobb being able to step up with Amari Cooper injured and make big time plays. Especially seeing how much of a problem that was against the Jets earlier in the year. Dallas needs to keep Tony Pollard involved in the offense weekly. They look much more efficient and versatile as a whole with him in. The slow first quarter starts are still a major issue, whether it’s a game-plan issue or production issue they need to get it sorted out before they go into the final stretch of their schedule. Defense did not look very good in the second half. They had trouble getting off the field and made Jeff Driskel look like a mini Lamar Jackson. All in all, a win is a win and the only thing to do is take it and shift focus to New England next Sunday.

Juwan : I said entering the fourth quarter that we’ve found out what type of team the Dallas Cowboys are. The question on may peoples minds following their 35-27 win is “should it have been that close?” Yes. Similar to their now 6-4 record, the Cowboys are just a bit better than the average teams in the NFL. Pollard unsure whether to come out the endzone, numerous Cobb drops and a couple near picks from Darius Slay are mistakes that good teams capitalize on. Make the same mistakes next week against New England and the outcome will not be in Dallas’ favor. A team that has been built to run the ball and play solid defense has turned into a team who has to outscore their opponents to win. It’s very rare both sides of the ball out together a complete game and it’s indicative of what this team is. When you fall between average and good your good days slightly outweigh your bad. It’s encouraging your quarterback has been the best player on the team thus far, but it’s frightening to think another Green Bay type of game may be in store against New England.

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