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Preview: Jared Goff vs Dak Prescott headlines Cowboys matchup vs Rams

Preview: Jared Goff vs Dak Prescott headlines Cowboys matchup vs Rams

Remember the Jared Goff vs Dak Prescott storylines last season?

Goff, the first overall pick by the Los Angeles Rams in the 2016 draft who went on to lose all seven starts of his rookie season and finished with just five touchdowns. Prescott, the underdog fourth-round draft pick by the Dallas Cowboys who broke NFL records in his rookie season and had people questioning if the Rams made the right decision.

Let’s give a warm welcome back to the storyline as the two quarterbacks meet for the first time in regular season at AT&T Stadium, today. Only this time, it’s a little more exciting. Unlike last year, Goff and the Rams’ offense are on a hot streak. Meanwhile, Prescott and the Cowboys’ offense, though relatively consistent, are getting warmer and warmer with each game. Both teams come into the game with a 2-1 record.

The Cowboys are favored, but statistically, the Rams’ offense surpasses the Cowboys in every facet. That’s total yards per game, passing yards, rushing yards, points per game, third down conversions, the whole shebang. Granted, the Boys have faced top 10 defenses in their last three games, while the Rams played the Colts, 49ers, and Redskins.

On the other side, the Rams are weak in their run defense, ranking 29th in the league. Excellent news for the Cowboys’ run game after somewhat getting their groove back against the Arizona Cardinals last week. The Rams’ pass defense sits at 11th in the league, but, again, look at whom they’ve faced.

The Cowboys’ defense will have their work cut out for them, today. Goff is having a breakout season, and running back Todd Gourley has impressed with four rushing touchdowns and two receiving touchdowns. The Boys will be missing linebacker Sean Lee, but they may still be able to hold their own against this Rams offense.

This matchup should be a good test for the Cowboys both offensively and defensively, and a sign of what’s to come. Will we continue the win streak? Or become an every other game kind of team? It’ll be a close one, but I think the Cowboys will pull it off.

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