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Pro Bowl could be Kellen Moore’s interview for Cowboys’ OC

Pro Bowl could be Kellen Moore’s interview for Cowboys’ OC


Although the organization has remained relatively tight-lipped about it all, it would appear that Cowboys’ former QB coach Kellen Moore is being primed for a promotion to offensive coordinator in the coming days.

Moore’s whole world has been turned on its head in a few short days. Following the divisional round loss to the Rams, the subsequent firing of Scott Linehan last Friday and the announcement of Jason Garrett and his sideline unit taking on the role of coaching the NFC team for the 2019 Pro Bowl, it appears Moore now has been tasked with the role of acting OC for the match this Sunday and establishing the NFC offense in Linehan’s place. A few days ago it had been reported that the Jones family will be looking to hire within to fill the void left by the Linehan firing, and it has become increasingly evident that Moore is the front-runner for the position over tight-end coach Doug Nussmeier.

Given his overall lack of coaching experience, it would seem that the organization has seen something in Moore that is not clear to those looking in from the outside. It’s a massive gamble to make on a 30-year old who has had one whole year of coaching under his belt. However, given the Jones family’s apparent affinity for him, taking that bet may not be such a bad idea, that is if Garrett is going to be running the play calling next season, as some have speculated. If Garrett is indeed calling the plays once again (a move which wholly would be Garrett’s last chance as head coach), then why not see how well Moore runs the unit in 2019, and then work your way from there?

Though before we reach that point, let’s see what statement Moore makes Sunday night as Garrett & Co. take on Anthony Lynn’s AFC squad.

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