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Rangers celebrate a milestone on Saturday: Chuck Morgan’s 3,000th straight game

Photo: Alex Plinck/Dallas Sports Fanatic

Rangers celebrate a milestone on Saturday: Chuck Morgan’s 3,000th straight game

If you’ve watched a single game of the Texas Rangers since 1983, you’ll recognize Chuck Morgan’s voice. It’s one of the most distinct in Major League Baseball. The way Chuck brings enthusiasm to every introduction to a Rangers’ player, the catchphrase, “its Baseball Time in Texas,” and of course the voice that is representing the Texas Rangers for thirty-seven years and counting. On Saturday’s game against the Houston Astros, Chuck Morgan reaches a milestone that every PA announcer, or just announcer in general, dreams of: his 3,000th game on the microphone for a Rangers game.

If you go back in time and think about your favorite Rangers memory at either Arlington Stadium, Globe Life Park, or listening to the game on TV at Globe Life Field, chances are they involve Chuck Morgan in some shape or form. The three AL West crowns between 1996-1999? Yes he was there. The 2010 World Series run? Yep, you heard Chuck. What about the last game at Globe Life Park? Chuck was of course there. It’s almost a Ranger rookie’s dream come true to hear Chuck not only announce your name, but to announce the first career big league hit.

A close call for the streak to abruptly end was 2013. Chuck needed neck fusion surgery immediately, and couldn’t wait until the 2013 season ended. “I didn’t have much feeling in my hands or my feet,” Chuck told the media on Friday. Dr. Dawson, who did the surgery, said that Chuck could lose his voice and miss a game which Morgan promptly responded, “Hey look, I’m not losing my voice. Number two, I’m not missing a game, and so about a week later I was back in the booth had on a neck brace.” Chuck Morgan missed a grand total of zero games, and it was business as usual for him to finish the season out.


In 2020, it’s been a different outlook for Chuck. Before this season, Morgan would handle not only the PA duties and the scoreboard, but the sound and music too. In September of 2019, the Rangers and Chuck brought in Michael Gruber, an audio production legend the Dallas area, to take the burden off. “Over the winter, I thought it was going to be tough, but I also think that my wife thought it was going to be tougher,” Chuck told me Friday. “Grubes has taken care of me with that so as long as I can get a Motown every now and then, little Four Tops or Temptations to the ballpark, I’m fine.”

I’d like to think of it as a Cal Ripken Jr. milestone of PA announcing. Sure, when the team is out on the road, Chuck isn’t announcing at the ballpark, but to make it through game after game and year after year, it speaks volumes of the accomplishment. Right now, Chuck Morgan stands as the second longest tenured PA announcer in MLB, next to Dan Baker of the Phillies who’s in his forty-ninth season. It’s a treasure that Ranger fans cherish every time they watch a home game in person or on TV, and it’s a privilege we all need to embrace. While the Rangers themselves won’t be on the field for the first postseason games at Globe Life Field, fans will hear a piece of the team every game.

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