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Rangers Fan Q/A: Will Evan Carter Put the Rangers in a Pickle?

Photo: Ben Ludeman/Texas Rangers

Rangers Fan Q/A: Will Evan Carter Put the Rangers in a Pickle?

The Rangers are coming off a series sweep against the lowly Kansas City Royals. Yes, Texas is in the midst of playing three straight series against bottom of the barrel teams, but the Rangers are showcasing what changes they made in the offseason and what identity they have as a club. The 12-6 start is their best start in ten years.

For the past week, I went to Twitter (while I was eating of course) and asked fans some baseball and non-baseball questions. Thank you all who sent stuff, I truly appreciate you guys.

Any players you think might realistically get called up for the first time before September? (@MarxGBaker)

Before September’s two additional spots I think you may see a few make their Major League debuts. Cole Winn has struggled in Triple-A (0-2, 7.88 ERA) and I’m sure he was a front runner entering the Minor League season. However, from the pitching side, I would say the two likely candidates are Chase Lee and Cody Bradford. Bradford is having a heck of a start allowing one run in 16.1 innings (three starts). He’s only allowed five hits and six walks while striking out 16.

Meanwhile, Round Rock integrated Lee into the starting role while pitching the first five games out of relief. In 9.2 innings, Lee allowed two runs, seven hits, and struck out 12. He hasn’t allowed a run in his last three outings (two relief and one start).

On the position player side, Jonathan Ornelas is a good name to look at. However, I would say JP Martinez is the most likely candidate (out of position players who have not made their MLB debut) based on the Rangers needs. I think Texas is still not quite set on the outfield and left-handed Martinez could jump in at some point.

Do you foresee Bochy changing the lineup at all? We’ve had zero production out of the 2 spot since Seagers injury. Personally, I would like to see Jung bat 2 (@justin_nedley)

Rangers manager Bruce Bochy tried Travis Jankowski in the two-hole during the Royals series and it seemed to pan out well from an overall offense standpoint. In the three games, Jankowski went 2 for 10 while scoring two runs and drawing two walks. I think Bochy will mix things up in the Oakland series or insert Ezequiel Duran like he did on Sunday against the Houston Astros.

I don’t think Josh Jung’s strong suit is the second place spot. He does strike out a decent amount (18 strikeouts in 63 at-bats), but I like that he has Nathaniel Lowe and Adolis Garcia in front to give him more RBI chances. Yes, if Bochy bats Jung second, Semien is front of him but you’re also hoping the eight or nine place hitters gets on to give Jung a chance for more damage. I think Jung is best suited for the five spot he’s in right now.

Evan Carter, how soon does he get called up? (@CoachMaldonado5)

Evan Carter is tearing up Double-A, and we all love it. In 46 at-bats for Frisco, Carter is hitting .381 with more walks than strikeouts (12 walks to 11 strikeouts). It came after an impressive display during Spring Training. Unfortunately, I don’t foresee Carter making his Major League Debut in 2023. I think the Rangers want to let him develop and not try to rush him. Yes, he’s mature for his age on and off the field, but I do want to see how he handles at-bats when he’s struggling.

I do see a promotion for Carter to Triple-A if he keeps at the rate he’s at. But let’s get Evan Carter some Triple-A at-bats before we start boarding the Major League train. Don’t worry once the conductor gets going, I’ll hop on that train.

My question is more about how delicious were those fried pickles and what was the dipper lol. (@rangergrl71)

These fried pickles are fantastic. They are exclusively at Alexandre’s. It’s a light batter made by a fantastic kitchen crew (shouts to Sharina and Gary) and it’s homemade. The dipping sauce is what’s called “touching pickle sauce.” It’s made from scratch and it’s like a creamy horseradish sauce with a little spice to it.

I highly recommend it along with their other stuff like Chicken Parm, Chick-full-gAy Nuggets, Wasabi Shrimp, and others. They have a brunch menu too served exclusively on Sundays.  Also, their cocktails are top notch too (shout to bartender Dylan too for making them perfect each time).

As always you can ask questions via Twitter, but there’s a vibe around Arlington. It’s not just on the field but in the stands too and there might be something special brewing in 2023. The Rangers begin a three game series against the Oakland Athletics on Friday then head to Cincinnati to face the Reds before coming back home to close April against the Aaron Judge and the New York Yankees.

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