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Rangers’ Joey Gallo enters the Players’ League Postseason strong despite a rough Monday night

Rangers’ Joey Gallo enters the Players’ League Postseason strong despite a rough Monday night

Monday marked the end of the Players’ League regular season. Joey clinched a playoff spot on Sunday, but the number one seed came on the horizon for him to clinch on Monday. The situation was simple, if Joey won both games on Monday and Blake Snell lost one of his four games Monday, Gallo earned the top spot. However, if both guys remained tied, the likelihood of Joey earning the top seed would be nearly impossible. The first tiebreaker, according to the Players’ League site, is total runs scored. Blake Snell entered Monday 141 runs compared to Joey’s 137 runs with Snell playing two fewer games than Joey. Gallo began the final night of the regular season with a new PlayStation screen name, too, going with PicoDeGallo13 instead of JoeBeef13.

Game 28: Rangers (Joey Gallo) at Nationals (Juan Soto)

Joey’s initial pitching decision was to go to Kyle Gibson (hadn’t started him all tournament), then decided to make a quick change and go with Lance Lynn. Joey made some interesting defensive choices in the infield and outfield. At first, base was Todd Fraizer, third base was Elvis Andrus, the shortstop was Danny Santana, and center field was Joey Gallo. The opening inning started with back-to-back hits, but Santana got thrown out at second. With two strikes and two outs, Gallo came through with himself with a two-run home run to take a 2-0 lead. Gallo added another in the first to extend to a three-run first inning advantage. In the bottom of the second inning, Juan Soto got on the board with a triple and scored on a sacrifice fly to cut Joey’s lead to 3-1. Since Leclerc’s stamina nearly hit empty, Gallo went with Brett Martin to finish game one. Things got intense with a leadoff double and a walk, and finally, Yan Gomes walked it off with a three-run homer to close the game out.

Game 29: Cubs (Ian Happ) at Rangers (Joey Gallo)

“Thank the lord!” Gallo said on his stream, knowing it was the last game of the regular season. Happ’s offensive posse came out strong with five consecutive hits resulting in four runs for the Cubs. Ian brought out former Rangers ace, Yu Darvish, who mowed down the Texas lineup except for a shift-beating single by Gallo, himself for the first two innings. “You love to see it,” Joey said after the single. The third inning kept the offensive train going to Happ and a nasty Cubs lineup with three straight hits to begin the inning, resulting in two more runs. Things got REALLY interesting in the final inning. Joey Gallo homered with himself (took the lead with 12 on the tourney over Willie) to cap a five-run third inning, but a run too short ended the final game with a one-run loss for Gallo.

A positive for Joey is that there is no action for three straight nights. The postseason begins Friday and airs on TV. Networks that will air the playoffs include ESPN, ESPN2, and FS1. The first and second rounds will be a best of three games while the Championship is a best of five series. All eight finalist will compete for the grand prize, the $25,000 donation to the local affiliate of the Boys and Girls Clubs.


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