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Report: No Chance Dirk Ever Leaves…Bigger Than Basketball


Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images


Just before Marc Stein reported that the Mavs “are in, with a legit chance [to sign] both” Mike Conley and Hassan Whiteside, he also had several comments on the future of Dirk Nowitzki.


On Zach Lowe’s podcast on Tuesday, Dallas Resident Marc Stein was pressed with the question, “how real is the Dirk-thing…is he looking?” In regards to the recent report that teams, like the Warriors, have real interest in stealing Dirk away.


Lowe clarified that he doesn’t think Dirk will leave and that Dirk “has never even really looked” to sign with any other team. Stein responded by emphatically saying, “there’s no chance [Dirk] would ever leave…I can’t imagine a scenario where he seriously entertained an offer from another team.


Neither can we.


Stein continued by laughing and pointing out that “he’s not going anywhere…teams are always interested but don’t even know how to pursue him.” And how should teams pursue what Stein calls the “Godfather of Dallas Sports?” As MFFLs we’re well aware of what Dirk means to the Dallas Mavericks organization and this city, but they went on to explain that to everyone else that might not understand. Stein said Dirk is “bigger than basketball…bigger than any Cowboy” which seems ridiculous in a city where Jerry Jones exists, but it’s true.


He also points out that Dirk has “been a Mav as long as he lived in his country of origin” (Germany). Which is sort of amazing and a testament to the longevity of his career in the NBA and with the Mavericks. Stein finished the conversation by saying that Dirk “is very Reggie Miller-esque” and “loves that he’s played in one city for one franchise.” However many years Dirk has left in his storied career we love it too.

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