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Richard’s comments on Marinelli speak to the culture they’re establishing together

Richard’s comments on Marinelli speak to the culture they’re establishing together

Regardless of coaching staff changes, fans can rejoice about retaining Richard

“Jason Garrett will call the plays in 2019”

“Jason Garrett will not call the plays in 2019”

“Kellen Moore is one of the candidates for OC”

“Kellen Moore is likely to be OC”

If anyone is nervous about Jason Garrett staying on as head coach (calling or not calling plays), or Kellen Moore becoming the offensive coordinator– you have a perfectly rational fear. As big as the cloud of uncertainty may seem on the offensive coaching staff, the skies seem clear defensively.

Not just because passing game coordinator Kris Richard will remain on the Cowboys sidelines for the 2019 season, but because of HOW he will do so– worry free about his official job description.

Much has already been said about Richard’s professional relationship with defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli, but some question marks remained about their job descriptions if Richard opted to remain in Dallas. Would Richard get promoted to DC? Would he be happy in the same role for another year?

Those questions appear irrelevant after Richard’s latest display of the selfless, “team first” culture he is establishing alongside Marinelli. When asked about continuing to work alongside Marinelli, Richard replied with the following:

“He’s like one of the top three men in the world as far as I’m concerned,” Richard said. “He has great character. He’s tough. He’s demanding. I just love his attitude. He’s what is right about America. He’s hard. You can’t live soft and be hard. He’s got the right mentality.

“He was gracious enough and humble enough to allow me to come in and call the defense and do everything like that to allow me to continue to grow. I love him.”

That is high praise by a man who was one of the hottest head coach candidates of the year; who comes back to the Cowboys and isn’t even the clear-cut defensive coordinator. His response is indicative of the way the entire organization views him. His sefless approach to forming a winning culture is not only important, but necessary to the Cowboys if they have any desire to build off 2018’s success.


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