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Rookie minicamp headlines plethora of offseason storylines

Photo by Andrew Dieb/Icon Sportswire

Rookie minicamp headlines plethora of offseason storylines

The Dallas Cowboys opened their rookie minicamp this week. Rookie minicamp isn’t necessarily about on the field things but instead is a time where the players they acquired through the draft and after the draft get introduced to the “Cowboys way.”

There is a lot of excitement around the Cowboys, especially from Cowboys COO Stephen Jones as he spoke with the media on Thursday about the different contract extensions coming up, the depth of the team and so much more…

Stephen Jones on executing their plan this offseason

Jones: The key piece to all of it is the draft every year. It is always hard to have a “wow” or a “sexy” one if you don’t have your #1 pick, but we already had ours in the barn with Amari.

Jones feels strongly about their draft class and also feels like they had a very strong class come in with the undrafted free agents.

Stephen Jones on teams calling to inquire about certain guys on their team

Jones: We’ve already started getting a few calls, people needing things and thinking we may need a safety but we aren’t in any hurry because we feel good about our safety position.

Jones added Kris Richard and safeties coach Greg Jackson feel really good with the guys they have in the secondary and that not everyone fits into what they need out of their safety position.

Stephen Jones on depth on the offensive line

Jones: Hats off of to Joe Looney. He did a great job replacing a pro bowl player and now you have a chance to upgrade at the guard/center position when you add in third round pick, Connor McGovern.

Stephen Jones on Dak, Amari and other extensions

Jones: We are off and running on those two, but we can do more than two contract extensions as well.

Jones mentioned Ezekiel Elliott is a guy they want to have around for a very long time. Jones added Byron Jones, Jaylon Smith and La’el Collins by name when talking about extensions coming up. Jones acknowledged that it will be tough to keep everyone and that is why the draft is so important.

Stephen Jones on trying to convince guys not to “max out”

Jones: If we can talk them into doing well and not maxing out, we will have a better chance of putting a better team around them.

Jones knows that it’s not the players’ job to manage the cap but said its part of him and Jerry’s job to make the players understand the reason they are negotiating hard is to put better players around them. Stephen said that Super Bowl rings will help them become not only local legends, but also legends nationally. Jones mentioned all the former Cowboys that are in the TV booth.

Stephen Jones on Ezekiel Elliott paying for funeral of eighth grade football players’ funeral and his maturation

Jones: Doesn’t surprise me. I know Elliott has a huge heart and it shows the type of person Zeke is off the field. He has certainly learned from some tough times.

Jones mentioned again how important it is for the Cowboys to keep Zeke around for a very long time and he will deserve everything he has coming his way.

Staff writer covering the Dallas Cowboys | Grew up in Plano, Texas. Graduated from Plano east in 2009, graduated from American broadcasting school in 2011. Big time DFW sports fan. Once went to Shawn Marions pool party the summer the Mavs won the championship.

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