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Should anyone be safe on the Rangers roster heading into the trade deadline?

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Should anyone be safe on the Rangers roster heading into the trade deadline?

With less than a week until the trade deadline, the Rangers are 11-17 and virtually all areas of their roster are struggling. With only a little more than a month left in the regular season, the arrow seems to be pointed toward Texas being sellers over the next week. Our staff got together to toss around ideas and thoughts about the deadline.

Judging by how south the Rangers season has gone in the last week, is there anyone on the roster who should be untouchable as the trade deadline approaches?

Corey DouglassAt this point, there is no one on the roster that I would consider untouchable. Joey Gallo is probably the closest to meeting that level, but at the same time you have to explore that option. I’ve heard rumblings about the Rangers unwillingness to pay him when his time comes up in a couple years so with that in mind, Gallo can be had.

Alex Plinck I think at this point, everyone is available for some deal. Rangers GM Jon Daniels explained a little of this Monday afternoon that the club isn’t going to deal; they want to be smart about what they’ll get in return. If I had to choose someone who isn’t an option, I would lean toward Joey Gallo (as a big veteran), or someone from the farm like a Leody Taveras. I don’t believe the club will get something spectacular for Joey Gallo in the market, but if a significant blockbuster deal of prospects does come up, he could be on the move.

Preston Young: The Rangers need to be in wholesale mode. There isn’t a single player on the roster they should feel the need to withhold from trade talks.

Is there a particular player you feel confident will be gone by the deadline?

Corey: Coming into the season, I would have told you Mike Minor is most likely to be traded. But obviously that isn’t the case anymore as he has really struggled this season. Next up would have to be Lance Lynn. If it wasn’t for shaky run support, Lynn’s numbers could be even more impressive than they are.

Alex: I’m leaning towards Lance Lynn, but don’t be shocked if someone like Todd Frazier goes to another club. Frazier is the only Ranger on a one-year contract with a little value to him with Minor still shaky, and Choo still nursing several injuries. Todd is having a decent 2020 with all things considering and proved that he could also play first base, adding a little utility to him. Don’t expect a lot in return for Frazier, but the Rangers could get a medium-level prospect in return, especially if the team is going younger and won’t resign him for 2021.

Preston: Nick Solak is an interesting name to keep an eye on. I believe he can add depth to a contender looking for a utility player. Not only is Solak fun to watch but he’s capable of playing almost any position on the field.

Do you think the nature of the pandemic could limit the amount of trade action in comparison to a normal season?

Corey: I do think teams will be more cautious about trading players this season due to the pandemic. I think that certain guys around the league are looking at teams and how they are handling their peers and will take that into consideration when it comes to them making free agent decisions.

Alex: Jon Daniels said Monday he’s a little more surprised about the amount of activity going on. However, I don’t think there will be an abundance amount of significant trade activity in 2020. I think you’ll see many small deals for roster consideration, but the transactions that require eating a chunk of salary or getting significant name prospects, I don’t think you’ll see a lot of those. Scouts don’t have a chance to look at young prospects, plus all thirty clubs are taking major financial hits. I think there will be some stuff going on, but not the deadline the baseball world would be accustomed to in 2020.

Preston: Agreed. There is so much uncertainty swirling around this season. Teams will be more inclined to stand pat or make relatively minor deals. I think we only see one or two trades that make any waves.

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