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The Case For Nowitzki To Toronto


Stephen Curry #30 and Dirk Nowitzki #41 of the Western Conference in action against the Eastern Conference during the 2015 NBA All-Star Game at Madison Square Garden on February 15, 2015 in New York City. The Western Conference defeated the Eastern Conference Knicks 163-158.


Take yourself back to the the 1998 draft (if you can remember) when the Dallas Mavericks made a trade with the Milwaukee Bucks to acquire their ninth pick. Little did we know then, that the blond-headed 7-footer Dirk Nowitzki would become the best foreign born player to ever lace’em up in the NBA.


Since his first game as a Dallas Maverick, Dirk continues to play with the same fire and tenacity, leaving everything on the court.


“You think of Dallas, you think of Dirk. Always. He’s one of the greatest players of all time. Some people like to say [best] international players; he’s one of the greatest players in NBA history, period.” – Dwyane Wade



I believe all Mav fans have come to grips with the fact that Father Time will never allow Nowitzki to capture the MVP Trophy again. I’m personally OK with that, but I’m not OK with Dirk getting snubbed from making his 14th All-Star appearance.


As we near the half-way point of the 2015-16 NBA season, the talk of NBA All-Stars is at its peak and if it weren’t for Mavs broadcaster Mark Followill, we would never hear Dirk mentioned as a possible All-Star.


It’s a shame nowadays to become an All-Star you need to be explosive and loaded with athleticism, have your own shoe line or be in your 20th season and retiring at the end of the year.


In this situation, Nowitzki is 0 for 3. When we watch Dirk play, we see someone with overall skills, a player that is savvy and uses finesse to beat you on the court. He won’t outrun you, but he will get to his spot and make you pay with his signature one-legged fadeaway.


In a game that features world-class athletes, Dirk continues to keep himself relevant and lead the Dallas Mavericks. 


Dirk currently leads his team in scoring with 17.7 points per game making him, statistically, the third best power forward in the Western Conference.


Now, typically, there are three power forwards taken on each team for the All-Star game. If we are going by the numbers, Dirk is in. Too bad things don’t work that way.


With a social media approach to the All-Star voting, players in the spotlight day-in and day-out are likely to be chosen.


(AP Photo/Ben Margot)


For instance, Kobe Bryant is retiring after this season and he currently has close to a million more votes than any other player while leading his team on a disastrous farewell tour. That doesn’t define an All-Star. Yes, he has had an incredible career, but is he an All-Star this season?


Draymond Green is statistically listed as the sixth best power forward in the Western Conference but since he is playing on a team that could possibly match the 1995-96 Bulls, he is currently leading for the starting spot in the West.


I’m not saying Dirk is playing like a Steph Curry NBA All-Star, but he is leading the Dallas Mavericks and stepping up like one when he is needed.


At 37-years-old, we will never “NOWITNESS” a veteran playing at the level Dirk is on right now, leaving no doubt that he is an NBA All-Star this season.


“It’s not easy, but I did a lot of work this summer, whether it’s lifting weights or my legs, keeping in good shape,” said Dirk. “As long as I’m still enjoying it, I’m gonna try to ride it as long as I can.”


All-Star voting ends Jan. 18, at 11:59 ET. You can quickly vote on Twitter by simply saying “Dirk Nowitzki to Toronto #NBAVOTE.”


All-Star weekend is Feb. 12-14 at Air Canada Centre in Toronto. 


I love Social Media and the Dallas Mavericks. Follow my journey — @TrevorPeele.

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