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Sports Book Recommendations to Get You Through Quarantine (Part Two)

Sports Book Recommendations to Get You Through Quarantine (Part Two)

Hopefully you were able to devour some of the reads I suggested in Part 1: Sports Books to Read During Quarantine. If you read some of them, what was your favorite? Be sure to let us know!

Now, it is time for the second round of books and these are a little different and more obscure. They will be a nice break from all the drama going on in the world right now as we all wait for sports to return, but in the meantime, we have books to transport us.

Mary Lou Retton: Mary Lou, Creating an Olympic Champion

One of the most famous olympic athletes from the United States is Mary Lou Retton. She came before Nastia Liukin, Gabby Douglas, and Simon Biles. She was the first mainstream sweetheart of the gymnastics world. Mary Lou was coached by the famous Bela Karolyi. This book shows the hardships she had to endure and the extreme pressure to be the greatest.

Nick Eatman: If These Walls Could Talk

Although I didn’t read this book, it came highly recommend from our Dallas Cowboys editor Juwan Lee. “As a Dallas Cowboys fan, I pride myself on knowing random tidbits of knowledge or facts that people rarely know. In an arena that’s dominated by big name athletes it’s interesting to see the reporter’s side from inside of the “team’s walls.” Many times fans only get to see the product on game day, but fail to realize the true grind leading up to the game. Here, you get to learn about some of the names on the back of the jersey and it may alter your perspective on a few players overall.” This will get you in the mood for football and sports to finally be back.

Raymond Prior, PhD: Bullseye Mind, Mental Toughness for Sport Shooting

Okay, okay none of you are probably going to be high-performance sport shooters. However, this book gives you the insight of what it takes to be elite. You can take these suggestions, pointers, and lessons and create your own bullseye mind. It teaches you how to be mentally tough and block out distractions. Could be good when we all go back to work and your annoying co-worker won’t stop talking.

Laura Hillenbrand: Unbroken

From the 1936 Berlin Olympics to World War II to being stranded in the ocean for 47 days, Lousi Zamperini’s story is beyond incredible. The book details his life before, during, and after World War II. It is truly awe-inspiring and is a must read.

These next two books are suggestions from our reporter Malori Carlow. When she first decided to be a sports reporter and cover the NBA, she started working with her mentor Kristen Ledlow. Kristen is a sports broadcaster who serves as a host and sideline reporter on NBA TV and TNT. She told Malori to read these two books. Kristen said Malori would get a better understanding of the sports world and the NBA.

Michael Rapaport: This Book has Balls

According to Malori, “This Book has Balls by Michael Rapaport discusses his obsession with basketball and the NBA. Not only is Michael an actor, film maker, podcaster, and fellow sports fanatic, he had a dream of being a top player in the NBA since he was nine years old. However, he soon realized there was no place for him. So, he resorted to well…sports smack talk of your favorite team or player. He discusses topics like Why Tiger Woods Needs Ladies to Succeed, How Bill Russell is Overrated, and even How Lebron James will never be like Mike (ouch). If you want a crash course in sports and smack talk this is the book.” I am completely sold on this book and will be ordering this for next day delivery.

Bill Simmons: The Book of Basketball, The NBA According to the Sports Guy Bill Simmons

Malori also had a some advice about this book. “The Book of Basketball, The NBA According to the Sports Guy Bill Simmons,” is another great read, but a read that will take you some time to get through. This book is jammed packed with all of the information you can think of pertaining to the league and the history. Bill Simmons is the sports guy. In this book Bill discusses the past, present, and future of the league. He also discusses the NBA Hall of Fame and proceeds to name 96 players who deserve to be there and details why.” This seems like a quarantine read if I ever saw one. Grab a drink, get conformable and dive into this jam-packed basketball dream.

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