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Straight, Waffle, Curly, Crinkle Cut Fries: who you got?

Straight, Waffle, Curly, Crinkle Cut Fries: who you got?

I’m loving the rankings the quarantine has produced so here’s another one featuring fries.

Warning: the Wingstop fry is not included in this ranking.

This listing is based on the fries being at their very best and not one time you’ve had a bad experience. 

Waffle Fries

When I think of good waffle fries, I immediately think of Chick-fil-A and the best wing place around, Pluckers. Let me tell you something, the waffle fry is the number one seed. Unfortunately, I had a bad experience at Chick-fil-A last week so they almost got demoted.

This may be a waffle fry hot take but the waffle fry that looks like a turtle shell isn’t good.

Crinkle Cut Fries

The crinkle cut fry is number two. I feel like there’s a lot that goes into a crinkle cut because there aren’t many places that can perfect it. Canes is the first place I think of when I think the crinkle cut fry and they are soggy more times than they are crisp. Shake Shack crinkle cut fries, on the other hand, are amazing.

Straight French fries

The number three seed is the straight French fry. When I say straight French fry I am talking about the  fry from McDonald’s or Whataburger fresh out of the fryer with the right amount of salt. Very good but I can’t put them ahead of the waffle fry or the crinkle cut done correctly.

Curly Fries

I feel like I’m sleeping on the curly fry because I can’t think of a time where I’ve had a bad curly fry. Whether it’s from Arby’s back when people actually went to Arby’s or Jack-in-the-Box for your late night meal. A lot of people would say that the curly fry is mushy but I haven’t experienced that struggle.

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