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What would it take for the Mavs to land Porzingis?

What would it take for the Mavs to land Porzingis?

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According to NBA insider guru, Adrian Wojnarowski of the Vertical, the New York Knicks are reportedly fielding calls for Dirk Nowitzki-clone forward Kristaps Porzingis. The great Woj describes a “frenzy of interest growing today” as teams learn that Phil Jackson is open to dealing Porzingis following a deteriorating relationship with the team.


Despite what may seem like a pipe-dream to land the Latvian forward, Mavs fans remain optimistic that somehow Mark Cuban and Donnie Nelson can somehow create a path that lands the team’s next cornerstone piece despite being restricted by bevy of bloated contracts, limited young assets and the ninth pick in Thursday’s draft.


So, how exactly do the Mavs land Porzingis?


Matt Mosely of the Dallas Morning News gives his thoughts:


“It would be pretty easy to give them the ninth pick. Then the Knicks are sitting there with the eighth and ninth picks in a deep first round. Then you send them Dwight Powell, Yogi, Matthews and whatever else they want.”


Porzingis is easily better than anything the Mavs would be able to pick up out of the 2017 NBA Draft including expected No. 1 pick Markelle Fultz. He’s a younger, taller, more polished version of the Nowitzki that came into the league in 1998 with the ability score from anywhere while conversely not being a complete liability on the defensive end. Two years into the league, he’s shown the potential and has been tapped by NBA experts as the “Next Dirk Nowitzki” and maybe more. On top of that, a move to Dallas would give Porzingis an opportunity to spend a year (or even two) as Dirk’s understudy before he retires.


However, the reality is that while the Mavs could possibly garner enough of their assets together to offer the Knicks a fair deal, teams like Boston Celtics who have seven first round picks in the next three drafts, can easily outbid the Mavs for Porzingis’ services. For now and until the Mavs can gain any additional assets, a deal for Porzingis while possible, remains unlikely.


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