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Texas Rangers

Texas Rangers road woes continue

Photo: Klay Kuban

Texas Rangers road woes continue

What is it with Texas Rangers and the fact that they can play so well at home but stumble on the road? Is it a mental thing? Could it be the fact that the air on the west coast is different than the air in Texas? A lack of a jet stream in opposing ballparks? Something needs to be done and done soon if they want to continue this surprising start to the season.

The Texas Rangers started their road trip in Oakland with a 12-8 record. After being swept they are now sitting at 12-11. They are 10-4 at home yet 2-9 away. So what’s the problem? It’s the situational hitting on the road that has been their downfall thus far. They were averaging 6.6 runs per game at home and a paltry 3.3 on the road.

What’s more alarming is that they have only grounded into double plays at home five times in 14 games while hitting into them 10 times in 10 games away from Globe Life Park, not including Wednesday.

They also strike out more on the road versus at home (9.8 per game against 8.4). Yes, the season is still young and they have plenty of time to improve but can something be done to fix it before the series against Seattle that begins on Thursday night?

Here are some suggestions to fix the Rangers’ road problems:

1. Get a Jobu doll. Leave him plenty of rum and make sure nobody steals it.

2. Hire a hypnotist who can make the players believe that they are playing at Globe Life Park all of the time.

3. Convince Commissioner Rob Manfred that the team suffers from a widespread social anxiety disorder away from home and thus need to have an exemption to play at home the rest of the season. Although that may make for some scheduling conflicts.

4. Two words: More cowbell.

5. Just hit the ball!

Whatever they do I believe they can turn it around as it’s still early in the season though it is frustrating for the fans and has to be even more for the team. Don’t give up just yet.

Until next time, I’ll see you in the cheap seats!

James Holland is a credentialed staff writer for Dallas Sports Fanatic. He's a lifelong fan of baseball and his hometown Texas Rangers. He's a member of SABR and Fangraphs because he craves ALL the data. He's also a karaoke addict who hosts shows at his favorite bar in Arlington.

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