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Dallas Cowboys

The 2018 Cowboys look like the….

The 2018 Cowboys look like the….

2007 New York Giants

Okay. Not really.

However, for those of us clinging to Super Bowl aspirations- its beginning to look like the only hope we have. I was only ten when the New York Giants stunned the New England Patriots with a 17-14 victory, courtesy of David Tyree and his amazing helmet catch, but I know that play perfectly described the personality of that Giants squad. The 2007 Giants had a knack for making a play when it was needed. Their ability to squeak out a big play in dire situations saved their season on countless occasions. Simply put, they were an average team with the ability to do “just enough” when absolutely necessary. In fact, many would describe the 2007 Giants as the worst team to win a Super Bowl in recent memory.

It is a rightfully deserved description.

The 2007 New York Giants were 17th in scoring offense, 11th in passing defense, and compiled 34 turnovers during their Super Bowl campaign. Not TERRIBLE statistics by themselves. However, when compared to other championship ball clubs, the numbers stick out like an injured thumb. The Giants outscored opponents in the regular season by just 22 points- the lowest point total by a Super Bowl champion in NFL history.

But winners get to write history, and that is exactly what the 2007 Giants did, winning their last three playoff games by a combined total of only 10 points.

The 2018 Cowboys May Have That Same Clutch Gene

While some who cover the Cowboys both nationally and regionally will try and describe Sunday’s 23-0 curb stomp by the Indianapolis Colts as an anomaly and a “blessing in disguise”, a game that will “refocus” this young team- I do not think this conclusion is realistic. The reason?

Even on the Cowboys 5 game win streak, the issues ailing this ball club were never fixed- they were merely bandaged by dominant performances by Ezekiel ElliottAmari Cooper, and a relentless defense. Sunday’s game serves as a reminder that a coaching philosophy that relies 95% on individual talent and 5% on innovation/creativity can only take a team so far.

The good news is that the Cowboys have shown the clutch gene more often than not this season. As ugly as some games have been (Tennessee, Seattle, and Indianapolis), the Cowboys have answered the bell when absolutely necessary. The Cowboys have struggled and punched their way out of adverse situations all year, whose to say this cannot continue into the playoffs?

Was there a “silver lining” in Sunday’s loss? Absolutely not.

Do the Cowboys have a little of that 2007 New York Giants swag? We will have to find out together.

Staff writer and podcast host covering the Dallas Cowboys | Spreading my slightly biased sports opinions with anyone wise enough to listen.

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