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The Cowboys are keeping a low profile for a reason, even if it isn’t clear to fans why

The Cowboys are keeping a low profile for a reason, even if it isn’t clear to fans why

Free agency is a lot of fun; However, that isn’t the case when the rest of the league gets to take part in the fun without you.

Tim Cowlishaw (SportsDay, Dallas News) called it “willful ignorance,” that the organization is expressing by doing so little in free agency, and it’s more than likely that the feeling is mutual throughout most of the Cowboys’ fanbase.

It’s the expected emotional response to another free agency scramble nearly come and gone, and Dallas fans are left wishing for more. Be it willful ignorance, an inability to close a deal or something else, fans are already bracing themselves for another sub-par 2019 campaign.

However, I would like to offer up a different opinion which could help bring light to an unsatisfying result for the Cowboys’ first week of the new league year.

To start off, the organization knows its on-field product hasn’t been great, and they are well aware of it. But the last thing that Jerry Jones is going to do is openly say that in front of cameras.

Just look at their recent media history. The Cowboys organization doesn’t speak truth to the media, and that’s ok because they simply aren’t to be trusted.

In truth, as fans, we probably wouldn’t be half as frustrated about Earl Thomas signing as we all seem to be if the media hadn’t spent the last year and a half stoking the flames of that wild rumor. We all knew that Thomas was a pipedream and someone that was going to be seeking a big paycheck.

They told the media in 2018 that they believed they were starting the season with one of the best WR corps in the NFL, and that they had complete faith in Jason Garrett.

They also repeated over and again in 2016 that Tony Romo was and would remain their franchise QB.

So why believe it when the Jones’ say the Cowboys are ready to compete for a title?

This all sounds incredibly depressing and as though I am trying to paint Jerry & Co. as obscure and evil, and that’s just not true.

What I believe is important to understand and remember as fans is to trust your eyes and not your ears when it comes to the Cowboys. Trust what you see and know to be fact, stop letting the media and this whole situation makes a lot more sense.

What we know to be fact is that the Cowboys are in the midst of re-signing Demarcus Lawrence to a new deal, and the next two seasons are going to be a contract nightmare for them as it’ll be time for Prescott and Elliott to be resigned, among them Byron Jones and a number of others will be looking for new contracts as well.

In addition, they still seem to be evaluating Prescott’s play and I’d imagine that unless they just decide to give him the 25 million that the market seems to be indicating he will get, that there will be some friction in those dealings.

Jason Garrett’s contract was not extended this year, meaning that 2019 is going to be sink or swim for the Cowboys’ head coach, and there is a real chance that they may be moving on from him as well.

Recent history would suggest that we wasted Dak’s rookie contract years by not capitalizing on those bargain years and building around him to make a run, but this is a lot of drama knocking on Jerry’s door.

Is it a stretch to think that maybe they would want to ride out this storm while they have cap space, see what happens with Garrett, and let the dust settle before going all in on a Super Bowl? It means admitting that this team isn’t as good as Jerry and Stephen say they are, but most of us really already knew that anyway.

From this perspective, the Kellen Moore promotion may even make more sense. If they plan to find a new head coach after this season, then it would probably be the right move to wait on making sweeping roster changes until after that transition occurs.

The Cowboys have been incredibly careful with their roster building and cap space in recent years, and perhaps it has just become important to them to have their own house in order before they start making the moves- on the sideline, and on-field- necessary to win number six. If that’s really the case, then their minds may have already been made on Garrett’s future.

In short, stop listening to them tell you how amazing the Cowboys are. Trust your eyes-not your ears- and the picture becomes much clearer. Summing up the last week as “willful ignorance” is an emotional reaction that really makes little sense when discussing the single highest-grossing organization in professional sports.

It’s no fun in the short term, but trusting that there may be a process at play that doesn’t necessarily mean winning a title this year is a much healthier lifestyle than believing that Jerry sucks and it’s time burn it all down.

Staff Writer covering the Dallas Cowboys. 2018 graduate of Stephen F. Austin State University with a focus on Political Science and Sports Business. Dallas is the center of my sports universe, and I eat, sleep, and breathe America's Team.

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