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The many endorsements of Dak Prescott

The many endorsements of Dak Prescott

The old saying goes: “Out with the old and in with the new.”

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton recently lost his sponsorship deal with Dannon after making what the company called “sexist” remarks toward a female reporter. That same day, Dannon signed Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott to a shiny, new endorsement contract.

The popular yogurt company issued a statement regarding Newton’s comments towards Jourdan Rodrigue, referring to the incident as a “disparaging to all women.”

Dannon futher legitimized its partnership with Prescott by scheduling to film a commercial just days after signing the Cowboys quarterback, according to Adam Schefter.

Prescott, who is considerably one of the most respectful, poised young athletes around, is seemingly the golden child for contract endorsements. The fact that he plays quarterback for the most valuable sports franchise only adds to Prescott’s desirability. 

Dannon is Prescott’s 11th endorsement deal. His partnership list includes AT&T, Adidas, Beats by Dre, Campbell’s Chunky Soup, Direct TV, Keurig, Pepsi, 7-Eleven, Panini, Tostitos, Panini America, New Era Caps and Nicholas Air.

Additionally, Prescott has taken out loss-of-value and disability insurance policies to protect him in the event of a severe football injury. His current endorsement deals plus insurance policies are estimated to be worth more than $50 million, according to ESPN. All while patiently waiting on a lucrative contract from the Cowboys. 

We’re talking huge household brands, folks. So what exactly is it about this young man that makes him the perfect athlete for companies to trust?

Aside from having a mishap during his sophomore year at Mississippi State University, Prescott has proven outstanding character off the field. He’s a safe choice. He isn’t a risk, as one might say about teammate Ezekiel Elliott.

Prescott has been public about his past/present relationship with his late mother and the world has seen a side of him that is greater than the game of football. His transparency is inviting not only for fans around the world but also for brands and companies who value these qualities when looking to create concrete partnerships. 

Dak Prescott is easy to root for and at the end of the day that’s really all there is to it.


(Article updated 01/13/2020)

Credentialed media member covering the Dallas Wings. Staff writer covering the Dallas Cowboys. Proud product of UT Arlington. Lover of NFL Sundays.

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