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The Mavericks’ chances at each pick in tonight’s NBA Draft lottery

Tonight is the night ladies and gentlemen. After an abysmal season from the Dallas Mavericks, they now find themselves in the NBA Draft Lottery. The Dallas Mavericks are sending Michael Finley to Chicago to represent the team when the ping pong balls are pulled. You can catch the lottery on ESPN at 6:30 PM CT tonight. But before the order is decided, get educated by knowing what percent chance the Mavs have at each pick.

No. 1 Pick: 13.8%

Dallas has only been blessed with the first pick once before: the 1981 NBA Draft when the team selected three-time all star and two-time NBA champion, Mark Aguirre. Behind Phoenix and Memphis, the Mavericks have the third best chance at the pick. The Suns and Grizzlies have a 25% chance and a 19.9% chance at the number one pick, respectively.

No. 2 Pick: 14.2%

The drop-off in talent in this year’s draft is expected to be almost non existent. While the second pick has been a hit or miss in recent years, it is hard not to get excited about the idea of landing here. With DeAndre Ayton and Luka Doncic expected to go one and two, the Mavericks could find themselves with a true franchise player if they end up picking second after tonight.

No. 3 Pick: 13.8%

After all the right teams won and the Mavs lost all the right games, they secured the third worst record in the NBA this past season. Dallas won a tie-breaker with the Atlanta Hawks after the regular season that landed them a better statistical chance at number three. However, Atlanta has a 13.7% chance at the third pick, which doesn’t give the Mavs much breathing room.

No. 4 Pick: 23.%

While many may be upset if Dallas “falls” to four, there is a good chance that a franchise-level player will still be available. Many consider Ayton and Doncic as locks to go one and two, but after that, the order of players selected is up in the air.

No. 5 Pick: 29%

A blast from the past, but Devin Harris was selected fifth overall in the 2004 NBA Draft. While the fifth pick was not Dallas’ that year, they did make the trade to land the point guard on draft night. While no one expects another point guard to be selected by the Mavs this summer, perhaps another Maverick fan favorite could be selected in this slot.

No. 6 Pick: 4.5%

After winning the tie-breaker with Atlanta, the Mavericks ensured themselves a top-six pick. This is the lowest the Mavericks can fall tonight, but statistically, there is a slim chance this happens *knocks on wood*. However, if the Mavs do find themselves this low, top six in this draft is expected to be better than top six in most.

This time is now MFFL’s. Wherever the Mavericks end up tonight, the future of the franchise is looking bright.

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