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The Mavs Fanatic Challenge

Want to prove you are The Mavs Fanatic? Take part in The Mavs Fanatic Challenge to earn points, win prizes, and prove you are The Mavs Fanatic.

The Mavs Fanatic Challenge





We all know that the Dallas Mavericks have the best fans in the NBA.1 Here at Mavs Fanatic we’ve decided to make a way for you prove that you are the best of the best. The Mavs Fanatic Challenge is a contest where all you have to do is show off how big of a Mavs fan you are. Here’s how it works:


1. Follow @TheMavsFanatic on Twitter and  @Mavs_Fanatic on Instagram


2. Take a selfie at one of the Designated Landmarks:


  • Outside of AAC
  • AAC Court
  • Victory Plaza
  • The Hangar
  • Dirk Mural at the Mavs Main Office
  • Mural at Mavs Practice Facility
  • Any banner/sign/billboard with a Maverick Player displayed


Or at:


  • A Mavericks Game (Home or Away)
  • A Texas Legends Game (Home or Away)
  • A Mavericks Event 


Or with:


  • Champ
  • Mavs Man
  • Dallas Mavericks Dancers
  • ManiAACs
  • A Current Mavericks Player
  • A Retired Mavericks Player
  • A Current Mavericks Coach
  • Holger
  • An In Game Sign with #TheMavsFanatic
  • Mark Cuban


3a. Tweet the selfie @TheMavsFanatic with the hashtag #TheMavsFanatic


3b. Or post it on Instagram and tag @Mavs_Fanatic with the hashtag #TheMavsFanatic in the caption


4. Each landmark is worth a different amount of points:


Point System  
With Mark Cuban 1000
In Game Sign with #TheMavsFanatic 500
With a Maverick/Coach/GM/Former Maverick 500
ManiAACs, DMDs, Champ, Mavs Man, or Holger 250
Mavs Home Game (Away) 250 (500)
Mavericks Event 250
Texas Legends Game (Away) 50 (100)
Designated Landmarks 50
Future Events/Other Challenges TBD



5. Earn points to rise up the Mavs Fanatic Challenge Leaderboard to win prizes.2 The MFFL with the most points at the end of the Mavericks 2016-17 season will be knighted as “The Mavs Fanatic”3



Specific Rules:


  • The landmark and the MFFL must be visible in the photo
  • On Twitter, you must use #TheMavsFanatic and @TheMavsFanatic
  • On Instagram, you must use #TheMavsFanatic and tag @Mavs_Fanatic
  • Selfies of participants streaking on the court during a Mavs game are hilarious but are not worth any points4
  • Any Mavericks, coaches, or outspoken owners5 must be aware they are being photographed with you6
  • Photos may only be used once7
  • Photos of in-game signs must be taken at the AAC or an Away arena, with #TheMavsFanatic on them
  • Photos of participants watching Mavs games on TV are welcomed but are not worth any points8
  • If a photo qualifies for multiple point categories the highest point total stands (Ex. A photo with a Maverick in AAC counts for 500 points, not 550, this includes collages9)
  • Videos must follow same guidelines as photos
  • Mavs Fanatic writers have final say in awarding points
  • Point Values are subject to change throughout the season10
  • These rules are a living document and are subject to change



6. The Leaderboard will11 be updated weekly so take some selfies, earn some points, win some prizes and we’ll see you out there!


For any questions or clarifications tweet us @TheMavsFanatic 12


  1. Back off bandwagon Warrior fans…
  2. This may involve tickets so you can go and get more POINT$
  3. Pronounced Thee Mavs Fanatic, we’re fancy
  4. That’s just dumb
  5. AKA Mark Cuban
  6. The argument “They know they are always being photographed” does not hold up in the Mavs Fanatic Court of Law
  7. But, you know, you can try
  8. Just…please be wearing pants…
  9. Pictures can be worth 1000 words but not all are worth 1000 points
  10. But haven’t yet!
  11. *should…
  12. Or @NickAngstadt he knows some stuff…

Dallas Sports Fanatic Staff

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