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The Rangers send their three “G’s” to the All-Star Game

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The Rangers send their three “G’s” to the All-Star Game

An All-Star Game rule: every team has at least one representative. So the Rangers and their fans entered Sunday knowing at least one of their guys was heading to Denver for the midsummer classic. The question was who? A lot pointed to Kyle Gibson and why not? Since his rough Opening Day Start, Gibson allowed only seventeen total runs in over ninety-five innings pitched. Sunday afternoon hit, and the Rangers found out that not one, not two, but three players are heading to Denver after this upcoming weekend.

Kyle Gibson and Adolis García each make their first-ever All-Star game appearance while Joey Gallo earns his second nod. Ironically, two weeks ago, I asked Joey Gallo about the potential of rooting for his teammates to make the All-Star game and experience what he did in 2019. I almost left himself out of the conversation, where I corrected myself. “I’m playing pretty well, but most people don’t know,” Joey chuckled to me on June 21 after I included him mid-sentence. Ironically that was the day Joey’s stats kicked it up a notch. I’m not saying the ten-day stretch Joey went on earned him the All-Star nod, but I would say it tipped the scales in his favor and capped off a nice first-half for Gallo.

For Gibson, it’s not about recovering from a bad opening day start, but considering his 2020 season (5.75 ERA in 67 innings), it makes the All-Star nod better. Statistically, Gibson is having the best year among American League starters. Therefore, a good start against the Tigers Wednesday should nod Kyle as the starting pitcher a week from Tuesday in Colorado, but we’ll see what Kevin Cash decides.

Meanwhile, remember that all other twenty-nine teams initially passed on Adolis García. The Rangers placed him on waivers and he then cleared waivers in mid-February this year, assigning him to AAA Round Rock. “He wasn’t even with us to start the year and to make an All-Star game. That’s crazy. That’s a lot of dedication, and he’s such a great guy,” Joey told me a couple of weeks ago. Even with a so-so June, García remains tied among American League outfielders in home runs (with his teammate Joey Gallo), third in slugging percentage, and tops in RBI (behind two weeks).

For all three, it’s not only about going to the All-Star game by themselves, but it’s about all three experiencing it together and the journey they’ve all been on as a team. “[I’m] pretty ecstatic about it,” García told me after asking about experiencing the All-Star game with Joey and Kyle. “I see how Joey works hard and how he focused on getting better. [We] do the same things to try to stay and get themselves in that position to become better baseball players. [So] for Gibby, [I am] super excited for him.”

Meanwhile, Joey Gallo is the “veteran” of the bunch, returning to the midsummer classic. “It’s cool going for a second time. Everybody always would say everybody can make one All-Star game, but to do it a second time, it’s special,” Joey told me after Sunday’s game in Seattle. “It means you’ve had a lot of success over a period of time. It validates that I didn’t have one good year in me.”

For Joey listening to how Gibson and García reacted, it took him back to 2019. “For those guys, you can tell talking today when they heard; they were a little emotional about it. That’s how I was my first time too.” As for the veteran status regarding All-Star games, Joey may have the most All-Star nods between the three going to Denver, but he hasn’t reached the veteran badge. “I wouldn’t consider myself a[n] [All-Star] veteran. I guess I know how the formats and stuff works.” I’ll say this. He hasn’t reached that status yet. How do you celebrate? By taking a group photo on the plane back to Texas on the Fourth of July.

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